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Expanding Playtime

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It amazes me the amount of toys and baby gear I had when Ryder was born. When you are a new mom, looking over your preprinted registry, you start to believe that you need everything on that list in order to survive as a mother. Truth be told, babies just don’t need that much. I learned that pretty quickly when our second born, Siella, came along. The multiple toys and gear that offered roughly the same functionality were no longer needed, especially with the minimal space we had in our apartment. I quickly discovered items and even furniture that actually grows and adapts with your child. It not only saves space, but it saves money, as well.



Evenflo has been a brand I have trusted since Ryder was a baby. Each one of my children have used or still uses Evenflo’s wide range of products including toys, carseats, bottles and more. One toy that I am especially fond of is Evenflo’s World Explorer Triple Fun Plus+ Exersaucer. This 3-in-1 activity center grows with your child so they can learn while they play for over two years. It transforms from tummy time play to a secure bouncing seat to an activity table. The World Explorer is designed to give children a virtual trip around the world and includes a range of features that expose them to a variety of visuals and languages. The language pod includes four languages – English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

IMG_9953 2

After using it for some time now, Gemma is now repeating everything you say, and to hear her repeat words from the World Explorer in a different language is just incredible, as it makes me extremely grateful to have her learn while she enjoys doing what she loves most..to play. The Explorer keeps her super busy and is probably one of her favorite toys at the moment.


The World Explorer’s three product stages are: See and Touch (0-4 months), Move and Bounce (4-12 months), and the Create and Play (12-24 months), which Gemma is using now. It is the perfect solution for parents looking to help their children achieve important physical and mental milestones. Equipped with rock, spin and bounce movements, the activity center also boasts innovations designed to encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and imagination.

I’m sort of getting sad that she is in the last stages of the exersaucer, but I am looking forward to her soon to be 2 stage!

For 20% off code for Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus ExerSaucer available at Babies R’ Us from now until December 24, 2014 visit HERE.

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