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Eight The Great

This post is a little over due, but our first born Ryder celebrated his eighth birthday last month. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve actually been a mom for eight years now. The day he was born feels like yesterday, and that one day, changed our lives forever. Ryder is growing rapidly, and soon enough, he will be towering over me. Third grade just started, and it’s scary how quickly time has passed.

IMG_9816IMG_9824 IMG_0069

Since lots of his friends were out of town during the end of August, Ryder opted to have a small party with friends once school started. Eager to do something special for his big day, we headed uptown, to our favorite hotel The Surrey. We spent a weekend there last year, and the kids talk about that experience all the time.


I adore this view!


After dropping our bags in the the room, our first stop for Ryder’s birthday weekend was Surrey’s rooftop bar. With picture perfect summer weather, it was a lovely evening to sit outdoors and enjoy some refreshments. The kids favorite drinks are shirley temples, that we have tailored into a healthier version consisting of seltzer, a splash of cranberry, and a cherry. Digging cherries out of their glasses, noshing on some appetizers and laughing together with the sun going down around us couldn’t have been more perfect. Next, we were off to dinner at Serafina, which has become one of our most frequented spots, whenever uptown. The kids love their pasta, and I always appreciate the gluten free options they offer.


With Central Park so close, there was no question what to do after breakfast the next morning. I find it amazing that my children can navigate some parts of Central Park, better than Jason and I. They know exactly where the boats are located, the way to get to their favorite statue, and tell stories about when they climbed a certain tree when they were “little.”


The famous Alice In Wonderland sculpture.
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Looking at the past year, I can confidently say that this boy has come a long way. I know I am pretty open and honest about his learning difficulties, and while he still struggles, I believe we are getting closer and closer to our goal. Now that he’s older, he understands that is important to well in school, and I can see he wants it too. This summer has offered him no break, as we had a tutor come three days a week, to help with reading. From day to day, it is sometimes difficult to see the change, but after our week at the beach following his birthday, the difference in his reading and comprehension are clear. He is slowly but surely maturing, and I know third grade will be a big year for him. And, he’s so excited about it too.

IMG_0360 IMG_0190IMG_0732

With no party around his actual birthday, it seemed like we kept things a little low key this year, but Ryder kept saying how it was still one the best days ever. Maybe his awesome Millenial Falcon Star Wars Lego Set had something to do with his happy day. He put all 1329 pieces together on his own, so he couldn’t have been more proud himself. It goes without saying, but I am pretty darn proud of how far my little man has come.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy ~ love Mom

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