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Easy Online Tutoring with GoPeer

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Easy online tutoring. Those are magic words to me. Between home- schooling for the last almost two years, and the on and off closures within the school system given our current climate, a little extra boost to help my children in school is always welcomed. Like many kids out there, they just need that extra bit of personal touch that they can’t get at school. 

What is GoPeer? 

That’s why I love GoPeer. GoPeer affords my children the personal experience that always gives them that extra push they need to really understand what they’re teaching him in school. It’s been a great experience, and Gemma says it’s the best tutoring service she’s ever used.

This service is a resource that connects families to college tutors, so they’re already right in the middle of the learning process. Which, in my experience, means they remember and understand what it’s like to go through the educational process.

What makes GoPeer different is their approach to tutoring. That approach is also what makes it easy online tutoring. It’s easy for me because they offer flexible scheduling and they make recommendations on which tutor will work best with your child. They make it easy for your child because he or she will be matched with a tutor who understands how to best spark that understanding that’s so important to help children learn.

GoPeer partners college students with children who need a peer and mentor. This helps students by allowing them to better connect with the material, it helps the tutors by giving them jobs, and it helps the parents by allowing them to give their children that extra learning resource that they need.

So what makes GoPeer different at its core? 

With their college-aged tutors, the tutor that your child works with will be close enough to your child’s age to understand their perspective in the learning process. They also understand the things that we might have forgotten or never understood in the first place – new math, anyone? In addition, there are over 150 subjects to choose from, so if your child needs help, there’s almost certainly a tutor that can help them. Their easy online tutoring sessions provide a classroom-like experience that even includes a whiteboard that students and tutors can use for an engaging session that feels like being in a class.

Best of all, these sessions are only $20 an hour, so they’re incredibly affordable. What’s more all of those dollars go directly to the tutor!

If you’re looking for easy online tutoring services that make the entire process seamless and painless for you and your child, then you need to take a look at GoPeer. Head to GoPeer now and see what they can do for your child.

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11 thoughts on “Easy Online Tutoring with GoPeer”


    That sounds interesting. I suppose having someone a similar age means they have a fair idea of what needs to be covered as they’ve done it themselves.

  2. Nnnniiiicccceeeee…I loved reading about the experience you have had with GoPeer, so far! Also, knowing that the fee charged goes directly to the tutor is a bonus for liking them now.

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