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Fun Classes For The Kids To Take This Fall

Well school is almost back in session and I’m not even sure what thats going to look like to be honest. This entire year has been a difficult go with the flow kind of year. What i do know is my kids have to stay busy and keep learning! With 3 children of different ages its really important to me that they all stay stimulated and continue to grow through education and experience. I have round up some of the best places to look when searching for virtual or in person fall 2020 kids classes and camps! Whether your child loves to move their body or prefers a craft project these resources will bring them joy and bring parents a bit of a break!

Yoga Sprites

Yoga Sprites is offering 2 weekly free yoga classes to kids of all ages. Yoga classes will be 30 minutes long and will encourage children to slow down and reconnect in their bodies. 2020 is a confusing year that will forever impact our children. Yoga is a great practice for our kids to check in with themselves and realign.

Downtown Dance Factory

Another great physical education resource is Downtown Dance Factory! Offering virtual and in person dance classes this is a great option for all dancers! Students aging from 18 months old to adults have to option of ballet, hip hop, lyrical, jazz, tap, and more! Downtown dance Factory also offers a boys program for complete inclusivity! I cant recommend this dance studio enough.



Sawyer is a must for all fall classes and camps for kids. Sawyer offers over 3,000 online classes, as well as in person classes and camps.From storybook adventures and how to build a website, Sawyer truly offers amazing resources for all ages. I cant recommend using Sawyer as a go to for all things kid friendly learning and activities!


Claire’s Creative Adventures

Claire’s Creative Adventure specializes in art, museum, music and party adventures for children ages 2-15 years. Art classes include clay/ceramics, plaster, wood, drawing, painting, collage, and so much more. Claire’s adventures also offers museum tours to help children art history, vocabulary, and techniques. This is an amazing resource for an little Picasso! 

Tiny Broadway

Tiny Broadway is a little thespians broadway dreams come true. Tiny Broadway is a virtual play date that connects kids to actors, singers, magicians, and puppeteers. With classes for children k-12, Tiny Broadway is a great resource for children of all ages with big dreams!

Craft Studio

Craft Studio, one of our favorite local children spaces is offering online craft classes! Classes  involve everyday craft materials you have at home, while some classes delivery materials right to your door. They have classes for toddlers and tweens! They also offer weekly or monthly craft box subscriptions to keep your child’s art materials always fresh and new.

The Fashion Class

The Fashion Class is teaching kids ages 4-17 how to sew and tap into their designer skills! The Fashion Class offers hand on learning on how to sew, stitch, cut their own designs. With online and in person classes children can discover the joy of making something totally unique with their own two hands.

Blue Ballon

Do you have a writer or singer on your hands? Then Blue Ballon songwriting school is for them! At Blue Ballon students will learn to write, sing, play, and record their own compositions. Offering class for students ages 3-seniors, this is an amazing resource for all families! And because its 2020, they’re offering lessons both in person and virtually!

Mark Morris Dance Group

Mark Morris has long been an amazing school for dance. Not offering both in person and virtual classes this is a great resource for any dancer. Join their September 19th virtual open house to learn more about their programs and history. Open house also offers a free dance class!


PassDoor is the Broadway experience that brings the auditorium to back stage! Learn how to dance, sing, and move like a professional Broadway star. With classes teaching children ages 2-12+, students have the opportunity to learn broadway styles like jazz, Fosse, contemporary, movement, and more!

iD Tech Camps

One of the best online tech camps out there is iD Tech. Their online tech camps made it easy for students to immerse themselves in technology with courses that are designed to be fun and exciting, instructors that know how to engage kids, and small class sizes that allow for individualized, personal attention.

Super By Mal

Super by Mal is empowering all kids to be super kids! Mallory Stempfley is a certified pediatric speech-language pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities. Her approach combines yoga with speech and language while enhancing their development. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation on her site below.

Lovely Leaps

Lovely Leaps is virtually helping kids find their inner confidence by dancing their worries away. With over 1,500 virtual international students, this is a great online class to connect your little dancers with other students around the world. They are currently also offering a free virtual Thursday class allowing all students the opportunity to learn and dance.

Ladan’s Wellness Sanctuary

Ladan’s Wellness Sanctuary center is offering emotional stress fitness & martial art programs to young children. This year has taken a toll on many of us, and our children have felt the 2020 pressure just the same. Ladan’s programs will help guide children to finding physical and emotional balance while they continue to navigate the 2020/2021 school year.

Young Art

My kids love an art project! Young Art is offering virtual art lessons to children of all ages. They are also offering a $1 a day art activities! They also offer birthday parties and gift cards! This is an amazing resource to keep all our little artists creating and  inspired.

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8 thoughts on “Fun Classes For The Kids To Take This Fall”

  1. These classes are great for kids to make them learn other things after regular school work. I want my grandchildren to learn to play a musical instrument, but of course, I have to observe what their interests are. Thanks for letting me know about these fun classes. I will ask my daughter what she thinks about them so she can choose the best one for her son.

  2. Isn’t technology great?! All of these classes sound awesome! Since most regular extracurricular activities are not available these are a great way to keep the kids busy.

  3. It is very helpful blog site . I know everything to visit this blog site.So i think that it is great classes for baby kids.

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