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Black-Owned Restaurants In NYC

With it being Black History Month, I want to continue to elevate voices that have been marginalized. Living in NYC comes with so many wonderful daily benefits, but at the very top of the list is our diversity and how that transpires into our cuisines. My family loves to celebrate authentic cuisines and the cultures that go into the traditions. In this article I specifically highlight light black-owned businesses and the priceless contributions they put forth towards our great city! If you’re looking for the best black-owned restaurants in New York City, look no further! Snag a weekend brunch, enjoy some soul food and explore healthy options one late afternoon at the best places with popular items. These are our favorite Black-owned restaurants and their original location in the city!

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Brooklyn Chop House


Brooklyn Chop House has steak, pork chops, veal chops, and red velvet cake – and you can get all these things for takeout and delivery. This is a fantastic black-owned Brooklyn spot to enjoy a great meal.

Berber Street Food


At Berber Street Food, a Chef Centers the Global Influence of African Food. Diana Tandia pulls from her hometown traditions at the Greenwich Village restaurant, while also nodding to the international influence of food created by African Americans.

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2 Girls & A Cookshop


The 2 Girls & a Cookshop menu includes a delicious variety of loaded tacos, nachos, rice bowls, salads and drinks inspired by the flavors of Jamaica and the culture of New York’s melting pot. This goes beyond Jamaican jerk chicken and into the best ways to enjoy fresh ingredients at one of your new favorite restaurants.

Bunna Cafe


There are some New York restaurants that you can mention in any social setting and someone will invariably nod and intone, sagely, “Oh, yes, I go there all the time.” Somewhat remarkably for a vegan Ethiopian spot-in Bushwick, no less-Bunna Café is one of them. What’s more, Bunna is well, and rightly, loved.

Thai Farm Kitchen Seaport


Thai Farm Kitchen offers contemporary Thai dining that is authentic and traditional, prepared using the highest quality ingredients, organic produce and characterized by bold flavors and typical Thai “farm to table” serving style.

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Here, ancient customs and future trends coexist, and the intricacies of African culture blend seamlessly together over an Ethiopian-brewed coffee, or a bowl of Senegalese black eyed pea stew and a side of spicy Ghanaian plantains. This is a place you can consider a vegan restaurant due to the amount of options that are available. Try out this Ethiopian eatery!

Extra Virgin


Located in the West Village Extra Virgin is a city favorite! Because of its absolutely gorgeous and totally charming location, I highly recommend Extra Virgin during these specific months of outdoor dining. Whether you indulge in their fun brunch items, gorgeous salads, or classic mains, you’ll leave wanting to come back for more! With so many delicious signature dishes, it’s the best essence restaurant!



New York pizza is an icon within itself! This no fuss pizza shop is a great business to support when on the go! Whether you want a classic NY style slice or a delicious Sicilian slice, Scarr’s has got it! They also offer a side of eggplant parm, which is one of my favorite dishes ever! This is one of the best spots on our list of black-owned restaurants. I like to even bring some home to enjoy with a glass of wine or specialty drinks after a long day. Their social media has some of the most delicious looking bites.


Negril Village


Negril is  west Village favorite. Serving classic Jamaican dishes this is a great restaurant with a great upbeat vibe! I highly recommended for a birthday or when celebrating a milestone and wanting to gather with friends! They even offer their Rhum Lounge with dj’s and live music from Wednesdays-Sundays.

Negril BK


Jerk, Rum and Caribbean vibes.  That is the very basis of the experience Negril BK intend to offer to each of their guests. Every dish & cocktail comes with authentic flavors accompanied by their chef’s culinary twist.

Gooey On The Inside

I bet this picture alone made you hungry! Gooey On The Inside, is just that! Ooey gooey cookies packed with flavor and fun!  Cookie menu includes red velvet, smores, cuppa joe exotic (haha!), dunkaroo, and so many more! This makes a great gift idea for just about anyone in your life!

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream


Mickey Cole is the founder of this pop-cultured ice cream shop, with locations in both the Lower East Side & Harlem! Mikey has created specific custom flavors for people like Hilary Clinton and Jay-Z, and has been featured on various tv shows. Ice cream menu includes both a dairy free and vegan option!

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab is women-owned award winning company that focuses on putting innovative spins on classic desserts. Each of our carefully crafted desserts are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

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*This post was originally published July 23rd, 2020

For more black-owned businesses to support, visit here!


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12 thoughts on “Black-Owned Restaurants In NYC”

  1. Awesome! That place looks amazing, great pictures! The food looks incredible and it looks like it has a nice atmosphere. If I ever visit New York I will have to check it out.

  2. Great post! I love to find new black-owned businesses to support in every sector. I think it’s a key part of bringing the equality that we need.

  3. the food looks delicious! and the chef has such a beautiful smile. how were the red velvet waffles? frankly when it comes to food i am colorblind to the owners. i wonder how one would go about finding out if a restaurant is owned by a black person or etc.?

  4. Wow there are so many! I wonder how many of them are newer? I haven’t lived on NYC for years but my sister still lives there so I’ll send this list to her so she can patronize!

  5. What a beautiful place to visit and seeing these food looks really good and it makes my mouthwatering!

  6. These restaurants look heavenly and the food absolutely mouth watering. I only care about the food, not the color of the person’s skin who made them.

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