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Brooklyn Based, Indian Made, Globally Inspired

My daughters have a penchant for clothes and accessories…and I will take full responsibility for that. I have a background in fashion, so it was inevitable that my kids would be a little fashion obsessed, too. I love having fun with clothes and I love to buy matching outfits for Siella and Gemma. Since they are pretty close in size I can find doubles of everything. The girls love to match me too, there is something about the visual connection (especially during Mother’s Day weekend).

Mommy-And-Me Dresses From Masala Baby

Lookalike outfits for sisters is always fun and I try to match the color or style when I can but it is hard to find brands that cater to the coordinating clothing. One of my favorite kids brands, Masala Baby, does the mommy and me look so well that I would probably buy the dresses for me regardless of whether or not they matched my girls!

Mommy-And-Me Dresses From Masala Baby Mommy-And-Me Dresses From Masala Baby

Masala Baby has a whole section on their website dedicated to mommy and me styles. Kaftans, tunics, dresses in big and little sizes! They also do coordinating prints so you can match a bib or blanket to mom’s dress or mom can rock a pompom necklace to match the kiddos.

Mommy-And-Me Dresses From Masala Baby

Masala Baby has been a favorite of mine for years. I always find gorgeous prints and styles for the girls and love taking these special pieces on vacation, too. I fell in love with the strappy Citra Dress. The girls love embellishments so the tassels are a huge hit with them and the flowing hem is my favorite boho look. The dresses are 100% cotton, which is prefect in the heat. These dresses are perfect for a matching Mother’s Day weekend and brunch!

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8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Based, Indian Made, Globally Inspired”

  1. Neely Moldovan

    These outfits are so cute and make such cute photos! I love the detailing and the pops of color.

  2. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    You gals look ADORABLE! Dress alike as long as you can – when they get older they won’t want to anymore 🙁

  3. I love the bright bold colors of these gorgeous dresses! Perfect for the warm weather and spring sunshine. All three of you look great!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Those dresses are totally adorable! I love the flowing hemline! The material for these dresses are perfect for the coming summer months too. Nothing can beat cotton!

  5. Such adorable little ladies. Those dresses are so cute. I know J can’t wait to start the matching clothes and dresses with Hanna and Mia.

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