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Broadway is Back in NYC Baby!

Broadway is finally back and the city couldn’t be more excited about it! It’s been so long since we’ve been able to see live performances and it truly is amazing to be able to safely see them again. There are a great amount of show options, I’ve got some choices perfect for families, and some that you can bring friends to. This is a really exciting post and I hope you all get to enjoy some live theatre again!


We all know and love this show and not only is it finally back on September 28th, but it’s better than ever! I got the chance to see one of the performers who plays Aladdin sing at an event recently and just from that, I can tell the show is amazing! This is a great one to bring your kids to, since it’s Disney and it’s a classic story!

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is one of the most hilarious Broadway shows I’ve ever seen. The writers did a great job with the script and it has amazing music! I would say this is the perfect show to go to with friends after dinner and drinks or with family members who are of age, since there are some parts that aren’t so appropriate. The show opens November 5th, so you do have some time to grab your tickets, but I wouldn’t wait long, as this is a popular one and the tickets fly!

Dear Evan Hansen

If you’re a musical theatre fan, you know this one! This is a great show, it’s full of laughter and tears. And the music is very catchy! It opens again on December 11th, but if you want a peek at what it’s like before then, the movie version just hit theaters on the 24th! It really is a beautiful show and so important!


Did you know they made a musical about Princess Diana? How great! And the music is fantastic! This is a great one and it officially opens on November 17th, but Netflix actually is streaming the Broadway musical starting October 1st, if you want to check that out, as well! I already know this one is going to be a hot commodity, so make sure to place your ticket orders ASAP!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Are you or your kids Harry Potter fans? This is the show for you! Not only is this a really cool show just with all of the magic stunts they have, but it originally was split into 2 parts, so you would have 2 different shows to see. But with everything going on, they felt it was safest to just make the show a little longer and put both parts together. They anticipate it will run about 3 and a half hours and it opens officially on November 12th!


How could I do a Broadway shows roundup and not mention Hamilton?! This show is amazing to say the least! I’m sure you’ve all heard about it or possibly had the opportunity to see it on Disney Plus, but there really is no greater experience than seeing a live performance. Those magical memories stick with us forever. It opened again last week and tickets are at fantastic prices these days, so you’re going to want to get any that you can find!

The Lion King

Here’s another great show to bring your kids to! It’s such a classic, feel good musical. The costumes amaze me every time I see them and the talent is unmatched! They are open and ready for an audience, so gather your family and friends and watch the circle of life come to life on stage!


Mrs. Doubtfire

Yes, you read that correctly! The movie we all love has been officially made into a musical! And it’s hilarious! It can be hard to find a show that everyone will enjoy sometimes, especially if people aren’t huge musical fans, but this one is definitely the exception. You can bring anyone to this show and they will have a smile on their face! Previews begin October 21st and the show officially opens December 5th. Get your tickets and “join the family”!


If I’m correct, I think this is one of the longest running Broadway shows and with good reason! It’s a classic and it will always be a great show with a fantastic meaning behind it. This is a fun one to bring the family and friends to, or even go by yourself, if you want! The music is catchy and the show itself is a blast. They are open and ready to sell tickets!

Pass Over

This is a brand new play about everyday struggles and it comes to life on stage in the most poetic way. Seriously, all of the reviews are phenomenal, you won’t want to miss this one! If you can’t decide which show to see first, it needs to be this powerful production because it has a super short run and closes on October 10th!

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Tina is back on October 8th! The queen of Rock n’ Roll has a story like no other! The musicals based on real people are just so fascinating and I find that I learn so many new things. The music is obviously phenomenal and the story line is one that everyone should hear. Tina Turner fans, get your hands on some tickets!!


Is anyone here a Sara Bareilles fan? Did you know she created a musical with her music?! It’s a heartfelt story that follows the lives of 3 waitresses, with 1 in particular, that Sara actually happens to be playing on stage herself through October 17th! You will laugh and cry, I promise this experience is not to be missed!

Moulin Rouge

Okay, tell me we all have heard of this one?! I think the best word to explain this musical is the spectacular! It’s based on the movie and takes place in Paris. It’s a love story like no other, that will have you completely wrapped up in it! Gather your friends and enter the romantic, glitzy world of Moulin Rouge!

Ain’t Too Proud

This is a musical that the entire family should see! It’s full of education on the life of The Temptations. They made music history and are in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is a huge accomplishment! The show is officially open on October 16th and this is another musical that has absolutely amazing music! If you aren’t very into Musical Theater, this is one of the shows I think you will like because it’s way less of the traditional musical type of feel!

Little Shop of Horrors

This is a classic musical! If you’re a theatre fan, you know this one too well! If you’re not, let me tell you, you will be mesmerized by a Venus Fly Trap plant on stage! There’s a love story intertwined with this plant madness and it’s been around for quite a few years. The music is so catchy, you will probably be singing it for a few weeks after you see it, but I promise it’s worth it!

To Kill A Mockingbird

This is another classic story, that I’m sure you read in school at some point! It’s also been made into a great movie. This is a fun option to add to the list because not only is it a book coming to life on stage, but it’s a play, so there’s no singing, if you’re more into that! It follows the point of view of Scout Finch, who tells you all about her family during a time of seeking justice in the south. This is a very important piece literature and it’s a great one to bring your family and friends to! The show is back as of October 5th!

Jagged Little Pill

This musical was incredibly popular before all of the closings last year! It was a hard one to get tickets for and had the best reviews. I’m so excited that it is coming back on October 21st! The musical is based on Alanis Morissette’s music and is all about pain and healing. The music is rock-based, so it’s another one that non musical fans will definitely like!

Winnie the Pooh

This is not Broadway, but I wanted to add in this new, cute musical! Perfect for young kids and so entertaining! Winnie the Pooh is coming to life onstage beginning October 21st. I can’t take how cute this is, they are doing a puppet musical! Add this to your list of things to do if you have little kids who love Winnie the Pooh, or even if they aren’t familiar with the children’s tale, this is a great source of entertainment!

A few of our favorites from years past!

What are you excited most to see?


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  1. Oh yay, I am SO excited. I just love the theatre. We have tickets to see Hamilton in San Antonio in January. I cannot wait.

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