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Belly Casting by Brooklyn Baby Bumps

The video above shows the process of my belly being casted by Brooklyn Baby Bumps. I sort knew about the whole pregnant belly casting and always saw those “do it yourself” kits but wasn’t really sure what I signed on to do. Being this is my third pregnancy (and probably my last), I was even more eager to get it done. To start the process I went to the Brooklyn Baby Bumps studio in Brooklyn back in December. There, I met with the artist and owner Christina who did the casting. Before she put the plaster on, I lathered up in Carrot Stretch Salve & Growing Belly Balm  that was absolutely yummy and still use on my belly today. The casting didn’t take more than 30 minutes tops to do and I just sat there relaxed sipping pregnant mama tea. It almost felt like a day at a spa! After the casting, Christina contacted me because she wanted to incorporate Ryder and Siella’s handprints into the piece. It made it even more special that the kids were actually part of this work of art. I was finally presented with my bump about a month ago and simply freaked out about how beautiful it is and how much I am in love with this piece of art Christina created. It is something we will always have and remember my pregnancy with. For anyone who is thinking about getting your belly casted, I highly recommend it and Brooklyn Baby Bumps. Christina is just so talented and I will never forget this experience. Below is my finished piece! To see my full review check out Momtrends.

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