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Balancing In A Bag

At the beginning of the school year, I was faced with the question on whether or not to send Gemma to pre-school. Getting my little two year old baby out of the house at such a young age, coupled with my fear of having three children in three different schools got the best of me, so I decided to sit on the sidelines for the first semester, and enroll her in January. Even with her at home, Ryder and Siella in separate schools, I’m still one busy mama. Each day, I wear a ton of hats, constantly on the run, and always with plenty of gear in tow.

With so much on my plate, there are too many opportunities to drop the ball, so organization and planning ahead is key. Each morning, I prepare myself for the day, which usually includes dropping the bigs at school, and bringing Gemma to a class or the library. I try to schedule appointments and time to write in between, and before I know it, I am picking up the kids again from school, and chauffeuring them off to activities and playdates. This cycle has become our norm, and works for us as long as I plan out our days.


I rely heavily on the bags I carry around daily, as they includes snacks and toys for Gemma, plus a change of clothes for her, in the unlikely event of a potty training mishap. Let’s not forget Siella’s dance uniform, Ryder’s soccer practice things, gluten free snacks, and my computer. I rarely have time throughout the day to stop at home to lighten the load, so I am traveling heavy, at all times.


I’ve been digging the newest BABYBJÖRN Diaper Bag, named SoFo, after an area of Södermalm in Stockholm, known for its restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and an area that plenty of hip stylish moms and dads call home. The bag is super lightweight, yet roomy enough that it doesn’t feel as if I am carrying around a suitcase. The many compartments and pockets keep everything well-organized, making contents easy to find when needed. With both inner and outer compartments, specially designed for all the essentials like diapers, sippy cups, cellphone, wallet, keys, and even a computer.

IMG_5919 IMG_5923

The stylish dark gray and light purple color of SoFo Diaper Bag pairs nicely for everyone to use, even if Jason is on duty that day. Since my children are older, I’ve removed the changing pad, which has left more space, ideal for quick weekend day trips. The bag has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be used as a messenger bag, as well as an additional side straps for over your shoulder look, and can even adjust to a backpack style.


Carrying my BABYBJÖRN SoFo around town has been a lifesaver, because it keeps me organized, and allows me to feel comfortable and stylish throughout my busy day, as in my role as a mom and entrepreneur.

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