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Back To School Reading For Your Kids

It’s a new month! And it’s time for school! It’s so important to find books your kids will enjoy reading in their free time to continue their learning and provide an escape from the stresses of school work. So many new books have come out and we are beyond excited to update our bookshelves with all of them and share our findings with you all! As always, we have something here for everyone!

Starting off with a super fun book– a kids cookbook! Cooking with your kids is a great activity, it allows them to use their creativity and you get to spend time with them! Not to mention the recipes in this book are delicious!
It’s never too early to get ready for Halloween! This is the perfect time to grab this book and get into the Halloween spirit! It’s super cute and all about a friendship between a human and a ghost.
This is one of the most important books we’ve ever read! Every single person’s life matters no matter where they come from, what race they are, what they look like– every life out there is a life that is important. We must teach our children about black history and how important it is to acknowledge black lives!
Get ready for the holidays early this year! Reading for at least 20 minutes a day is so important for our children and this is the perfect book, as it’s the story of A Christmas Carol broken down into 20 minute segments. It’s open for preorder now and releases on October 5th!
Did you know David Archuleta wrote a book?! And an adorable one, at that! It’s based on the lyrics of one of his songs and is all about a little boy who realizes that God wants more for him than he knew. It’s available for preorder now and releases on October 12th.
This children’s book is way too cute! It teaches about how we can be anything in the world, but it’s important to be A- Accepting, B- Big-hearted and C-Courageous.
We all know the classic children’s books such as The Hungry Caterpillar and Charlotte’s Web, but do you know the story behind those stories? This book reveals all the classic secrets and is currently available for preorder now!
In the 9th book of this series, Ben has tracked his nemesis down to find him on the world’s biggest cruise ship! If you have a reader between the ages of 8-12, this book and entire series is for them!
We are getting ahead on all of our holiday shopping this year! This is the sweetest book of festive poems by some of the very best authors. It’s available for preorder now and is set to drop on October 5th!
We all know and love Padma Lakshmi and I’m so excited to find out that she wrote a children’s book! Neela and Aama cook Paati’s favorite recipes together to feel closer to her, since she lives in India. They go to the green market to buy tomatoes to make her sauce recipe!
This is another great read for young readers! JJ Jacboson goes ghost hunting at the hotel, but a serious misaccusation occurs and he needs his friends’ help to prove the truth!
Sometimes words get stuck in the back of our mouths. But when a boy with a stutter goes on a walk with his father by the river, he learns about compassion.
This cat lives an amazing life, but he has problems, too! Can he find the silver lining?
This boy has feelings that flow with every emotion! He takes on everyone’s feelings and learns that feelings are indeed meant to be celebrated.
When we’re born, we have a lifetime full of “yet’s” ahead of us! Can’t tie your shoes? Yet! You will learn! And millions of more yets await you!

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