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Americana Decor for Your Space

American flags, throw pillows, mason jars and more are a part of patriotic decor we see annually. Americana style is something that we take pride in as Americans and there’s something about this decorating style that is so summery. With the Fourth of July nearing, we are coming up with an Americana theme for our space as we begin planning our holiday weekend.

I love to take the classic Americana style with a modern twist– and that twist normally involves bows. What can I say, I love decorating! A great way to get into the holiday spirit and get ready to celebrate American history is to have fun with patriotic home decor. The American look and color scheme is thrilling ot see in a dining room and living space. Red, white & blue are our focal points and we are going to have so much fun with home decor this summer! These are our top Americana decor ideas.

Americana Serveware

Firstly, for anyone hosting for the holiday weekend, the perfect way to begin with Americana home decor ideas is to start with the diningware and serveware. Some people aren’t into all the stars and stripes in their home, so having the perfect mix of practicality and a few fun pieces for visual interest is key. For instance, blue candlestick holders or bold strips on a table runner are small additions to the space that bring about that patriotic feel. Red flowers add a great pop of color to the table while still remaining versatile. Something to stay away from is color combinations in unexpected ways. Red, white, blue, silver and gold all feel very on brand for the holiday.

Secondly, modern elements like new holiday dishes, pitchers and candles will make the space feel more like home. While a blue palette may not be something you lean towards normally, it can be fun to get seasonal placemats, napkin rings, plates and cups. We’re excited to decorate our dining table already and it will be full of white flowers, small flags in glasses and maybe some fun bows!

Table Runner, Placemat, Dishes, Pitcher, Napkins, Candlesticks, Mini Flags, Cup, Candle Holder

Classic Decor

Furthermore, classic decor ideas like bold stripes for living room decor or a seasonal wreath for the door are subtle ways to add vibrant colors to the space for American pride. The first thing do is swap out our pillows for a pop on our white couch. Throw pillows are season in my mind and a great way to change up the space so it’s constantly feeling fresh.

Moreover, I love to change out our wreath on our front door whenever I get the excuse to! It’s so much more than just a Christmas decoration! It can be for any holiday and season in general. For instance, in the fall, we will get a wreath with leaves and for the Fourth of July, we like to focus on flag elements. That can be either mini flags on a wreath or a wreath that is made out of flag print itself. I love how modern Americana is so vintage and chic.

Bow, Door Mat, Firework Lights, Blanket, Wreath, Star Pillow, Flag Pillow, Ceramic Decorative Stars

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