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10 Sunhats to Wear All Summer Long

Let’s begin with the fact that I am a hat person! I love finding new hats to accessorize my outfits with, and what better time to begin experimenting with than the hot summertime? There are so many different styles of hats and I get it’s a personal thing, like sunglasses! They are an accessory that can shape your face and you want to feel your best. There is a hat here for everyone and I hope you enjoy styling them this season for the beach, backyard and everywhere between. These are the best sun hats to protect you against harmful uv rays for all outdoor activities full of sun exposure this season!

Sun Protection

Firstly, uv radiation is something that we should all take very seriously. You can actually check the uv rays in the morning each day to see what we’re dealing with on summer days. Warm weather is so nice but it can be a little dangerous when it comes to the sun’s rays. Luckily, a great hat can protect you from skin damage. The skin cancer foundation would definitely recommend the perfect sun hat use against harmful rays and sunny days. A wide-brimmed hat, stylish straw hat and floppy sun hats are all a good choice for uv protection against sun damage. Finding the best sun protection hat is not difficult these days as we have so many amazing options for the ultimate sun protection. It’s a summer essential in my mind to have a wide-brim straw hat that offers shade over your whole face. You still need sunscreen!


Secondly, a good sun hat not only protects you from uvb rays, but fits your personal style! Find one that accentuates your face shape! A stylish hat can also be statement hats. They are a fun way to accessorize in the summertime and you can even find one with an adjustable band. Ensuring the hat is made out of a breathable material and are packable straw hats are not a bonus but a requirement for me! You can go for a visor, wide-brimmed sun hats, a chic straw hat, crochet bucket hats or even a floppy straw hat! I even found fun options with pearls and seashells on them! Try the hats on before keeping them to make sure they aren’t too big on your head because you want them to stay put. The beach gets windy and losing your hat to the wind is not something I’d recommend!


Finally, you know how I am with versatility. Having a piece like this in your closet that you can wear year after year is a great idea. I love a hat that matches everything too because they tend to be on the pricier end and being able to get the utmost use out of it is something that is incredibly important to me. Most of them are a straw beige shade and that is totally versatile. I mean, is there anything that doesn’t match?!

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Firstly, a hat with pearled beads on it is just the accessory we all need to kickoff the summer! I’ve recently become obsessed with the Self-Same brand and need everything on their site!
Secondly, does anyone else feel like visors are back big time this season? I love them because you can still rock a great hair style wearing them!
Thirdly, this is another fabulous option for the beach or brunch! I love the accessory of beads on it and it doesn’t feel like too much.
The hat here is a great staple piece for your wardrobe! It’s versatile and shades your entire face from the sun.
Another amazing visor option here! It’s solid so it goes with everything and the band at the top is incredibly comfortable.
How stunning is this ribbon on this straw hat?! I love the lowkey glamorous look going on here.
Anything Lele Sadoughi has to be in my wardrobe! I love the shape of this hat and the embellishments are so fun!
Moreover, we just had to include a fedora option here! I love the seashell details and think this is such a fun beach hat!
Furthermore, we all need a hat that provides the utmost protection from the sun’s rays. This hat has a large surface area while still being totally wearable!
Moreover, I wanted to include a solid white hat to rock at the beach, on the 4th of July or anywhere in between! It goes withe everything and offers amazing sun protection.
Finally, I love anything that’s monogrammed, especially in purple! I will be living in this hat all summer!

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2 thoughts on “10 Sunhats to Wear All Summer Long”

  1. I love this article! As someone who is always looking for stylish yet practical accessories, sunhats are a must-have for me during the summer months. The sunhats featured here are fantastic, and I appreciate the variety in styles and colors. It’s great to see options that cater to different tastes and preferences. I can’t wait to get on one of these sunhats and rock it all summer!

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