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A Much Needed Winter Break

Just two days into the New Year, we welcomed our first snow storm, Hercules dropping about 6 inches of the fluffiest, coldest, and whitest snow. It was the perfect snow day.

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Usually, the minute the snow hits the ground in NYC, it turns into a dirty slushy mess. But this storm hit on the end of a holiday weekend and actually closed NYC schools; which made for fewer people on the streets and left for a city covered in a white blanket of snow. It was picture perfect!

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I made sure we were all prepared for the storm..went grocery shopping the day before, purchased a sleigh, snow boots and pants were ready. We got Gemma to the doctor the day prior to treat her cold, only to find out it spread into her chest plus a double ear infection. I knew she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the snow. But happy to say that after three days now of being on the nebulizer and antibiotics kicking in, she is finally on the mend. I went to bed each night thinking we were going to have to rush her to the ER. I don’t think any of the kids have been this sick, ever.


When the snow let up we were ready to head out. It took what feels like forever bundling up the big ones, mind you temps were an extreme low of 10 degrees. I can’t remember the last time NYC ever experienced extreme cold temps like this. I knew we wouldn’t last long outside but ventured out with our new neon sleigh. Jason and I took turns outside since we wouldn’t dare take Gemma outside.

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Ryder was thrilled to be playing in the untouched snow, he literally dove in head first! His face, fully covered and immersed in the white fluffy powder and loved every minute. Siella enjoyed the snow, but of course, preferred to be whisked away on the sleigh. We had our fill after about a half hour or so and headed inside to warm up and make hot chocolate. It was so cold that my cell phone actually turned off!

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On our last day of break, I sat our playroom area with the kids, playing and laughing. I tried to erase the tons of laundry I have yet to do and just enjoyed our time together. This winter break was so very much needed. To not have a schedule to abide by, zero appointments, no pick up and drop off’s was just perfect. This time spent home and in the Hamptons fully put me in vacation mode. We hung around every morning with no plans, I was able to cook dinners that weren’t just quick and easy like our norm, and just enjoyed each others company.  The month of December was absolutely insane and think we were all well over due for this. I tried and did limit the use of my computer time, answering emails, and writing. It was exactly what I needed to do!


This break has made me realize we all need to unplug once in a while. Something I so very much struggle with. I tend to take on too much and usually left with a full plate, stressed and panicked. With so much already scheduled this year, I will look back on this break and use it as a reminder to not become overwhelmed. I’m already taking deep breaths come Monday when the emails start rolling in and Jason leaving for biz once again. But I am very excited to start the New Year and feel rejuvenated to do so. Hope you enjoyed your winter vacation as much as we did!


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  1. I’d love to be able to win this for our first baby who is on his way! he’s due April 5th we are very happy and eager to see him!

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