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A Bag In A Bag

When you are a mom there are several sacrifices you make and one of them is the handbag. I used to change out my styles and sizes constantly with each new look. I was especially fond of the oversized clutch but now I need something versatile and functional and hands-free is key, especially for the daytime.

Bag in Bag From goldno.8

Ideally, my fantasy bag would be a bag to take me from day (running around with the kiddos) to night (for a date with the hubby or an event) and not require too much thought. I am into a sleek and simple look to match a variety of outfits.

Bag in Bag From goldno.8

The Bag in Bag from goldno.8 is the solution. It is two bags in one…literally a Bag in Bag. The leather bag can be worn alone or with the interior pouch and it has an adjustable strap so it can be styled as a shoulder, a cross-body or a top-handle bag—AND the inner pouch can be removed and used as an evening bag. Done and done! (The inner pouch is also sold separately in several different colors, including gold.)

Bag in Bag From goldno.8

The best part about this genius bag is that you can customize it to create your own look. Basically I get to build a bag! You start by selecting your outer leather bag first, choosing from camo, black or tan. Then choose a pouf to either match or contrast with fun colors in nylon or silk. I love picking my own color combos and adding on fun key fobs and pins. Not only does this bag meet my everyday to night criteria but now I can really make it my own.

Bag in Bag From goldno.8

I am in love with my tan leather and blush silk charmeuse pouf. The colors look amazing together and both match my wardrobe perfectly. Visit goldno8.com to create your own custom Bag in Bag!

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2 thoughts on “A Bag In A Bag”

  1. This bag is super cute! I would use it even though I don’t have little ones. I carry way too much crap in my bags and so I struggle with style vs. functionality.

  2. My hubby says I have way too many handbags. Well, I don’t, but anyway… I love this handbag and the idea of two bags that work together or alone is just genius.

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