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5 Tips to Successful Spring Cleaning

The official start of spring is on the 19th and we’re using it as an excuse to reset our home! Spring cleaning and organization go hand in hand. We’re going to need a lot more than just some all purpose cleaner and paper towel options. The best way to start off a new season is with a fresh space. Spring cleaning tasks sound like a daunting task, but they actually aren’t too bad. It could simply be cleaning out your medicine cabinet, trying out air purifiers, researching necessary cleaning supplies to keep on hand for good use, etc. The new season is a time of rebirth and fresh starts. Secretly, the key to successful spring cleaning is doing it at your own pace. Now is the best time to get organized! I’m going to walk you through years of experience perfecting my deep spring cleaning routine. These are our best spring cleaning tips to incorporate the best practices into your daily life.

spring cleaning tips

Kitchen Refresh

Firstly, it has to start in the kitchen for me! This is the room with the most foot traffic in the house and I find that by the end of the cold winter months, the entire space needs to be reorganized. I begin by taking everything out of the fridge and cabinets to wipe it all down with a microfiber cloth, toss anything that might’ve gone off and take inventory on what we need. This is also a great time to take note of what you’re not using so you don’t continue to buy it.

spring cleaning tips


Furthermore, the whole place feels squeaky clean and like a weight is lifted off my shoulders by the time I finish, and it’s only just the start! If you have warmer weather while doing this, try opening a window or cracking a door for fresh air, it makes the world of a difference. Especially when all the products are out of the cabinets and it feels like the room is swallowing me up. The first step is always the hardest, so we go for the tougher spaces first. It’s all up from there!

spring cleaning tips

Nail Your Cleaner

Secondly, when it comes to spring cleaning essentials, getting rid of anything with harsh chemicals for deep cleaning. There really are so many natural cleaning products these days and those harsh chemicals are not only dangerous for little ones, but they are totally hormone disruptors. That’s an entire rabbit hole, though! Another thing I like when it comes to cleaning solution is reusable bottles. We save the planet a little while having a clean home. It’s a win for everyone! White vinegar works miracles, let me tell you! For those on the less natural side, I say it’s a good idea to find top products for you to have on rotation throughout the year. It’s stressful standing in the cleaning aisle at Target, so once you know your tried and true products, it helps make everything more routine and go quicker.

spring cleaning tips

Closet Organization

Thirdly, closet organization is something that is not always easy to keep up with. Speaking from experience, it changes overnight, especially when you share your clothes with your daughters. There’s a few too many of us in there to keep it perfectly neat at all times! The warmer months are coming and it’s the perfect time to reassess what we are actually wearing and how we use the space. This way, we can better organize the clothes to where it feels best they are. Keeping organized on top of regular cleanings is something that will look different for everyone. Make a to-do list, whether that’s donate x amount of items or just refold everything. Your laundry room will be a better space to deal with and your items will stay in good condition when they are best taken care of. This time of year is perfect to donate clothes because that means you can make room for more summer pieces!

spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning List

​Coming in at number four, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep a list for large projects. I’d say spring cleaning season is a massive undertaking, even if you think you are taking small steps. No step is too small here because you’re setting yourself up for the right tools to incorporate into your life year round. Write everything down! Even if it seems silly, it’s such an accomplishment to be able to check every little thing off and this ensures you don’t miss anything.

spring cleaning tips

Set Realistic Goals

Finally, there is no way you can clean and organize an entire house or apartment completely in one day. Be easy on yourself and set realistic goals with enough time to complete them. Not too much time, though because we have to enjoy the spring season! For instance, try one room a day or sorting through all the clothes and shoes to see what to toss and donate. Make your moves from each tasks because they all relate. If you organize your closet, you’ll want to do laundry to reset a clean space or if you are cleaning out a fridge, you might as well vacuum the whole space because you have it out already. Figure out what you want out of spring cleaning and there’s no wrong answer– we have 3 other seasons to get the rest!

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spring cleaning tips
spring cleaning tips

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  1. I love these spring cleaning ideas! I need one desperately. My space is so cluttered, I’m going to need a dumpster rental. It’s always the best to see the result after the clean! Thanks for sharing your ideas here!

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