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2022 Fall Accessories

I cannot believe we are welcoming fall! It feels like just yesterday, summer break began. I must admit, fall is one of the best fashion season, especially in NYC. There are a ton of accessory trends I’m looking forward to styling and of course, I’ll have a whole fashion trends post coming soon! We have a lot of both new and older accessories that are coming into style this upcoming season. Who else loves when trends come back in style? Let’s chat all about the 2022 Fall Accessories you need!

Transition Pieces

When it comes to accessories, there are endless options. Accordingly, we have jewelry trends where you can opt for a colorful option or a simpler statement for everyday looks. Of course, bags, sunglasses, scarves and hair accessories are the perfect way to express yourself, as well. For example, scarves and hats offer complete protection from any colder weather, which we normally begin to get around October! Pieces that will take you from one season to the next, are some of my favorite things! For instance, a pair of shades that are neutral can be worn into your fall collection. Certainly, clogs are a footwear trend that seem to never go out of style– find a closed-toe pair that you’ve been sporting from spring or summer and bring them to the new season!


Accordingly, trends come and go and waste materials are not something we really want to contribute to. Firstly, it’s best to opt for the items that we know we will actually get wear out of! Particularly, you know yourself better than anyone, and if you want to invest in fine jewelry or try a trend out for the first time, you should do that! Everyone deserves an extra dose of glamour, just go for the things that won’t collect dust in your closet!


Finally, there are dozens of micro-trends out there and it can feel incredibly overwhelming. New York Fashion Week will be coming up soon and that’s where we can find the main content for accessories that will be in later on this year. I keep seeing thick stacks of bangles being sported and I think I’m quite okay with this trend coming back! It’s like big 80s but not so much of a retro touch as it is more of a modern, clean girl take. Moreover, pearl is back! Specifically, I’m seeing a lot of pearl bobby pins, chokers, bracelets, etc.

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Bouclé and sherpa are very on trend at the moment. We’ll be seeing them everywhere from clothing to accessories and this purse has been a favorite of mine!
Jaw/claw clips are the best way to keep your hair out of your face. They are stylish and cute, while getting the job done. I love this pack of 2!
A wool hat is great for the dropping temperatures. You won’t overheat in this, but it does have a good amount of warmth!
Bangles are back, big time! I love this one because it’s so versatile and you could even wear two and it would look super cute!
Pearls are back and these give that look to it while being a wearable every day piece. Hoops are a girl’s best friend!
You know how much I love clogs! Larroude makes some of the best and these are so cute I can’t stand it! Plaid for fall is always in.
A good brown belt is essential for any fall wardrobe. I love that the buckle resembles a heart!
You know I love a good headband! This is a great transition accessory from summer to fall.
I love to bring some ivory into the fall. These are some of my favorite glasses I’ve had on repeat!
Ruffle socks are very in style for the fall! They look super cute peeking out of booties and add a pretty, feminine touch to any look.
It’s time to bring out the scarves! This one is so soft and the quality is outstanding for under $100. Makes a great gift, too!
Chokers are back in style! Furthermore, with pearls being so in this fall, this makes for the perfect accessory to dress down or up!
Fashion tape is a necessity! These dots are so useful to make accessories look better or fit better, such as belts, shoe straps, collars, etc. They keep everything in place!
Finally, anything that’s a bow is an instant favorite of mine! Once again, we’re seeing this pearl trend take off and this is so easy to dress up any look. I’ll be sharing it with my girls!

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  1. I definitely go for wearability over anything else. I don’t care how trendy or flexible something is. If I won’t wear it, then it’s a waste of money, resources, and closet space.

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