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15 New Books for Moms to Read

It’s a new month, which means I’ve been on the hunt for some new books to read! I love making time to read because it’s such a great form of self care and a fantastic way to unwind from the day. I think I’ve found the best books this month, if I may say so, myself! I’m so excited to share them all with you and I hope you enjoy these escapes from reality!

Kristina Kusmic speaks directly to mothers all about her experience with parenthood through her hilarious book. She discusses self-acceptance, thankfulness and lets you know that you are not alone with any parenting struggles!
If you’re looking for an emotionally powerful book, this one’s for you! Emily Bleeker wrote about a woman who moves back home to take care of her grandmother and stumbles upon abandoned articles from the 1930’s that reveal a mysterious and haunting mystery. What she’s about to discover will change so many lives, including her own.
Phronsie has given up on romance and decided to marry her best friend. But when she meets someone who gives her a reason to believe in love again, will she follow her heart or her head?
The Vignes twin sisters were always identical, but one runs away from home and creates a family who knows nothing about her past and the other has a daughter she raised in their small town. When will their daughters’ storylines intersect as the twin’s fates meet once again. This book is all about racial identity and the long lasting influence our past leaves on our lives.
I can’t even begin to explain how pheneomenal this book is! It’s on the Best Books of 2021 list and is a NY Times best seller! This is Michelle Zauner’s heartful memoir about growing up Korean American, losing her mother to cancer and creating her own identity.
Reese and Amy have it all, but they aren’t happy. Reese wants a baby and Amy recently detransitioned to become Ames. When Ames gets his new girlfriend pregnant and she is unsure whether to keep the baby, he wonders if this is the miracle they’ve been waiting for. Could they form an unconventional family and all 3 of them raise this baby together?
When Rachel’s therapist suggests she take a 90 day detox from her mother, who got her obsessed with calorie counting, she meets Miriam who feeds her not only with food, but her heart. This emotional and hilarious read reminds us of the desires we starve ourselves of and spiritial longing.
Adulthood has always been defined socially by certain things, but with rising debts, fertility treatments and decreasing marriage rates, 30-somethings are completely redefining adulthood for the world. This interesting read discusses the 5 major life events of establishing adulthood and how times are changing. There is no longer any “right age” to do anything by, do what feels right for you.
A film actor debuts on Broadway as his marriage publicly falls apart. How will he balance fame, lust, love, being a father and making art- all at the same time?
Nina has it all! She has her own apartment, is publishing a book and has a great social life. She downloads a dating app and hits it off with Max, who has so much in common with her. When Max ghosts her, everything comes crashing down at the same time in her life. Modern relationships and finding balance between all aspects of life are tough.
Sera loves listening to true crime podcasts. But when her favorite podcast host goes missing, she must use all the skills she’s learned from the podcasts to help find her.
Klara is an artificial friend who dreams of becoming someone’s friend. When she is chosen by a fragile child, she discovers the true meaning of love and through the strength of the sun, how we grow.
Anna goes viral on YouTube with her violin and her boyfriend decides he wants an open relationship. Anna decides she wants the same and meets “bad boy” Quan, but when tragedy strikes her family, the two have to fight for their love and themselves.
The title speaks for itself. This read is high energy and brings in a ton of research and positive psychology work to help you live a fully charged life! This is a refreshing read!
Cindy loves shoes and when she has the chance to show them off on a dating show, she takes it! She turns into a body positivity icon and starts falling for prince charming overnight, is it all meant to be?

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20 thoughts on “15 New Books for Moms to Read”

  1. As someone who has struggled with eating issues in the past, I think Milk Fed is going to be going on my Goodreads account. It’s such a unique topic. All the books on this list sound and look lovely, thank you for sharing!

  2. Excellent suggestions here. I’m currently reading a good one for all the Thriller lovers out there – The Therapist. Given to me by my mum.

  3. I’m a non- fiction reader, so “You’re Still so Young” sounds good, even though I’m not 30- something. “Your Fully Charged Life” also sounds worth reading.

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