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12 Stockings to Hang on Your Mantle This Christmas

It’s just about to be the most wonderful time of the year! One of the first things we do as a family is pick out Christmas stockings for us to hang. While holiday and Christmas decor in general are personal design choices, I find that the whole family likes to be involved in it. This Christmas season, we have found some of the prettiest, festive stockings to decorate our living room with! You’ll have to let me know which are your favorite fun options!

These are our picks for fun stockings for the festive time of year:

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Firstly, this is one of the first categories I focus on. Stockings come in many different shapes, sizes, patterns and fabrics these days! Henceforth, I’ve found that the texture of the fabric can actually do a lot, design-wise in the space. Cotton yarns, thick knits, velvet, sherpa and faux fur seem to be the most popular fabrics this season. Little pom poms on them also add a lot to the fabric and make them feel more personalized. It’s a fun way to decorate the space before the tree goes up! Moreover, the items inside can make the stockings look different or bulky depending on the material. For instance, knit options will mold to the products and look like a rectangle, while velvet or sherpa tend to keep their shape more.

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Secondly, this is an interesting category to consider when shopping because stockings are made so different these days. There are so many stocking stuffer ideas out there and some are dainty and tiny, while others are larger options. Think about the age, primarily. Is it for a baby? An adult? A thoughtful gift can actually be given in it’s own stockings. It’s better than gift wrap! And it lasts forever. I recommend using a cute little stocking to wrap a secret Santa gifts this year!

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Try Personalization

Thirdly, a personalized stocking looks so good on the mantle! I find these to be adorable and make the space feel even homier than usual. When your name is at the top of the stocking, it also makes them easier to sort on Christmas morning. Furthermoe, you can order tons of options for your family or friends to give as gifts this holiday season. If you’re a fan of monogramming, this is a great option you’ll want to consider this season! And with the whole using these as gift wrap topic, I think a personalized stocking makes for way cuter wrapping than themed wrapping paper. I’m all about finding ways to wrap gifts that are more sustainable in the sense of getting plenty of use out of them.

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Finally, while my space is neutral, you know I can’t resist pinks! Pastels and pinks always seem like a fun option when it comes to literally anything, especially holiday decor. They add a nice pop of color to the space and bring me so much joy! I will admit, going for neutrals fit in better with your space to keep it practical. Another option is to go for traditional Christmas tones. For example, reds, greens and plaids are always in style for the holidays! Maybe even get options to switch it up each year so you can go for a new look annually. Some people get new pajamas each holiday season and some like new stockings.

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12 christmas stockings to shop

Pom Pom Stocking, Reindeer Stocking, Nutcracker Stocking, Gold Star Stocking, Sequin Stocking, Winter Village Stocking, Faux Fur Stocking, Knit Heart Stocking, Snowflake Stocking, Dog Stocking, Christmas Tree Stocking, Cream Monogrammed Stocking

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12 christmas stockings

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