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10 Planners to Start 2024 Off Right

With 2024 merely days away it feels, we are making our to-do lists for the new year. I’m someone who has a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list and need a weekly planner to keep important dates, important tasks and details for my personal life organized. One of my personal growth goals is to get more organized regarding things like daily tasks, career goals and my grocery lists. Finding the perfect planner is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, although it’s a difficult task.

Everyone has different qualities they are looking for in a new planner. Some people like digital calendars, so they don’t brand new monthly planners. And then there are some of us who love them and thrive off of the benefits of them and actually writing our daily schedule out on a paper planner. No matter what plans you have this upcoming year, I’m breaking down our top 10 agenda book options to manage your day to day life and long-term goals.

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Day to Day

Firstly, as far as physical planners go, I need space for an action plan. Daily planners have a full page for daily routines and tasks. I enjoy having ample space to mark important appointments for the kids, my work and household necessities. It’s really nice to look at daily routines and try to stick to monthly goals, as well. Having enough space to mark out important events, walk through business days and appointments, etc. is something that is a top priority of mine. Productivity experts approve of marking out a schedule hour by hour if that’s what will help track your day and manage your daily life.

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Secondly, a basic version of a view for the month ahead is my prime organizational style. Monthly views can be great for the big picture. It provides easy navigation from day to day and week to week. You can plan ahead and everything is right there in front of you! These include weekly pages following the monthly views, so you can go into detail for tasks each day of the week.

Planner features are what drives a lot of purchases, if you need something simple, you can find it anywhere! But the features are selling points to help with time management and financial planning. Some people like an undated daily planner so they can just use the days they’d like and not have to worry about wasting space. My personal preference is to mark out key words on the monthly view such as appointments and then go in depth on the day to day view pages to follow.

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Wall Calendar

Moreover, a year calendar to hang on the wall or fridge can be helpful for daily life. If you like the ones that you can tear away weekly and just zero in on a few days at a time, this might be the option for you! These stay on the wall, so you can never misplace them! I would say this is more of an overview than a content calendar where you have enough space to write everything out. It’s a fresh start to every month but not much more than that.


17 Month Planner

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget to get a new planner and then I run out of time and space for my plans! A 17-month planner is something people often buy well into the year, which is okay! We all have daily routines and busy lives and grabbing stylish planners may not be an immediate priority for everyone. These have monthly check-ins and monthly reflections to keep you on track for your goals, as well as plenty of planning space. They’re not as big as you’d think too, they can be found as pocket planners.

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