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10 New Books For Moms In January

New Year! New Us?

Reading has always helped me stay on top of my goals and self care. Whether I’m reading a captivating fiction or  trying new recipes from a cookbook, I’m in constant rotation of books. With the new decade upon us I included a few goal oriented guide to get us all on track with living our best lives in this months roundup. To celebrate the New Year we are GIVING AWAY a $25 Amex Gift Card along with Branding In A Digital World by Hillary Topper. To enter tell her your favorite reads below! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020!

Nature? Nurture? What really helps us become ourselves? After using a genealogy website Dani Shapiro finds out her father isn’t really her father. A true story of family secrets and self identity.
Ever wondered what it would be like to have 4 daughters? This story spans over several decades following two parents as they navigate the indivisual lives of their daughters.
With all the fad diets and weight loss plans being pushed our way in the new year, I want to simply focus on maintaining my health! Dr. Greger focuses his practice around ground breaking new research to help us all feel our best most healthy selves.
While we’re on the topic of feeling our best, Well + Goods healthy recipes help guide the way. This is the ultimate go to for easy well balanced meals that are bound to energize our bodies and soul.
Burned out? Exhausted from trying to keep up? There is no denying the majority of Americans are overwhelmed with smart phones and social media. Emily Ley guides us in rebalancing our priorities for the ultimate lifestyle.
Another book around the iea of us women doing it all and burning out. Ada Calhoun goes across America to discover and discuss why the women of Gen X aren’t happy and how to help shift society for the next generation.
A true love story between mother and daughter. As a mom of two daughters this is at the top of my list of must reads in January. This memoir tells the story of Eun Ji and her personal journey to be close to her mother and their heritage.
This novels unnamed narrator is a 21 year old graduate nannying in Italy. As she navigates her breakup she takes us on a ride through lust, power, and self growth. As the story develops into her later years our narrator discovers feeling about her motherhood journey and marriage.
A story like no other! Darrow, a RED, has worked the mines on Mars for years helping build a better future, but the society he has served has lied to him. He infiltrates the other party, the GOLDS to destroy it from within. an epic adventure through sacrifice, destiny and war.
Hilary Topper discusses how important the branding of your business reflects potential success in today’s modern digital era. She provides the reader with a step by step process to get the results one desires.

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9 thoughts on “10 New Books For Moms In January”

  1. This looks like a great lineup of books to read. I don’t read that much non-fiction but I do want to check out When Less Becomes More and Why We Can’t Sleep.

  2. The book “The Magical Language of Others” caught my attention. That would be THE book I will read first!

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