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10 New August Children’s Books

We’ve made it halfway through summer but we have a lot more reading to do! Im gearing up for back to school while also still filling in our August days off. My kids read for an hour a day during the summer, so I’m always exploring the newest and sweetest stories we can all share together. There are some truly great ones on this months list that I am so excited to share with all your families.

This beautiful picture book is a celebration of our diversity and all the wonderful things that make us unique while also reminding our children how much we have in common. A love for laughter, family, having fun, and more. During a sometimes scary political world this book is a bright light that brings us together.
The perfect book for the little astronauts in your life. This sweet story about the journey through space and its unknown worlds, encourages how genuine curiosity can lead our future.
A sweet book for 12 months + exploring the world of appetite through our animal kingdom. Little Chick wants to help his friends eat but after helping all his friends he realizes he may be hungry too and might also need a bit of help.
Embrace the power of reading through this super fun musical book. The jungle is hosting a music party and has invited you to join in! Lion has started the rhythm and Zebra is on the drums. Which instrument with you join the party with?
Another fun musical book but this time we explore the ocean and all of its musical wonders. Little White Fish takes us on a journey discovering all the sounds one can discover in the sea.
Wordy Birdy is a chatty little bird who talks more than she listens. Through a series of hilarious events Wordy Birdy learns the importance of paying attention and listening to others.
This book is a perfect meeting of art and poetry. Take a visual and sensory journey through the art of Melissa Sweet and the words of Kwame Alexander. This book is bound to leave readers of all ages in awe.
Little piranha fish Brian loves bananas and all fruit, but everyone knows Piranhas Dont Eat Bananas! Brians friends think he is so crazy and that he should use his sharp piranha teeth for things piranhas do eat!

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15 thoughts on “10 New August Children’s Books”

  1. All of these books sound so great. I’m particularly interested in “One Big Heart”. With everything going on in the world right now, I think we need more love.

  2. These are all amazing picks for kids to choose from. I bet they can learn a lot of things from this. There so much fun and colors.

  3. You got a great list of books to check out. It’s good to hear that you have included an introduction as to what is it about.

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