Valentine’s & Fashions

I am not sure when this happened, but Valentine’s Day is pretty big in our house. Ryder, Siella, and Gemma all have little Valentine parties, where they get to gather with their friends, swap Valentine’s and devour sweet treats.

For the past few years now, the kids and I have been making their own little Valentine’s to hand out to their friends. I found this tutorial years ago on pinterest, and it’s been such a huge hit with the kids so each year, I have continued this sweet little tradition we started.

Ok so here is how you make these sweet DIY Valentine’s. Take picture of your children dressed in festive Valentine’s gear. This year, I found all of their outfits from H&M. I am absolutely loving the girls two-piece Heart Sweater set. They loved their outfits so much, they are busting at the seams to wear them come Valentine’s Day! And for Ryder, I love this Button Down Shirt in red of course, and I paired them with a black Straight Leg Jean, that I know he will wear year round. I can always count on H&M for fun, festive, affordable, and fashionable pieces for the kiddies.

Step 1: Take The Photo! Now that they have cool threads on. Take a photo of your child, against a plain background, and make sure they make a fist and have them hold out their arm slightly angled from their body.

Step 2: Customize Your Photo! I used PicMonkey, found online. It’s super easy to upload your photo to make it custom. For printing this year I chose to do same day service at Duane Reade.

Step 3: Once you have your Valentine’s printed. With a hole puncher, punch two holes in the cards, one above and one below their tiny fists.

Step 4: Place your lollipops into the two openings. And there you have the sweetest little Valentines.

Wishing you all a sweet Valentine’s Day!

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