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We are four days into the school year, and already I’m extremely overwhelmed. With three kids in three different schools this year, my brain continually spins in overdrive, trying not to drop the ball. Ryder’s new school is on the Upper West Side so each morning, I drive all three kids uptown in our car, and then back downtown to drop the girls. This means we are out of the house each morning by 7am, only to then do the rounds a few hours later in the afternoon.

So here’s the routine. I wake up about a half hour before the kids, to make lunches and breakfast, which they now need to eat in the car. I’ve tried to do most of my prep the night before, but I’ve been so exhausted that end up laying down for bed at the same time as they do, just to survive the madness. When I wake the kids at 6:30, they get dressed, brush their teeth, and jet out the door at 7am to our parking garage. I have to say, I like driving them in them mornings. Everyone is the backseat chatting about their day, listening to music, and luckily traffic at the hour isn’t bad yet.

Preparing meals in the mornings have been challenging since they are eating breakfast in the car. I need things that can easily be carried and don’t make a crazy mess in the backseat. With after school activities, afternoon pickups have been a little all over the place, so I’m armed with snacks, at all times. Pure Growth Organic snacks have become their favorite thing to take with them to school, or as an after school snacks. Their snack line includes biscuits, animal crackers, pretzels, popcorn, super chips, breakfast bars, and snack mix. The Crispy Rice Squares are Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s newest favorite, but their Breakfast Bars are a life saver in the morning. The entire line is made with USDA organic ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no MSG, and 0g of trans-fat.

I feel good giving my children snacks from Pure Growth Organic because I know they are healthy options, made with the best ingredients and they love them. Pure Growth packaging has characters on their packaging making it even more fun for the kiddies. Gemma goes nuts for the Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse on the animal crackers. And best of all, Pure Growth Organic snacks are super affordable making it easy for busy moms to forget the junk food, and be reassured that their kids are getting something healthy.

Once Ryder starts getting bus service, our morning dash will be easier, but I still may opt to pick him up in the afternoons. No matter what happens with their schedules, I’ll always be ready with our favorite Pure Growth snacks, that have made our morning and afternoon commutes a bit easier!

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