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I recently looked back at my new years posts from the last few January’s, and just about every one talks about date nights for Jason and I. Our lives are so busy with kids and work pulling in different directions, that alone time for Jason and I gets pushed aside. Since becoming a mom, I feel that I need to be with kids all the time, or that I’m the only one that can get them to sleep or who can make them dinner. It’s something that I need to learn let go of, because it leaves little time for me, and for our relationship. It’s too easy to make an excuse to miss date night. Too tired, don’t want to get home late, or no one to watch the kids.

But I’ve realized that with Jason’s crazy travel, our date nights are few and far between, so when he is in town, we really need to make an effort, tired or not. We need this time to reconnect and talk about what’s going on, because he is usually in different time zones, so we may go a couple of days without speaking. It’s a difficult balance, so when we do get that time together, it’s all about playing catch up.

We’ve realized that a once a week date could be too ambitious, so we’ve opened it up to every ten or twelve days. On those nights, we usually get the kids to sleep, and head out for dinner, or even just a nearby cafe for dessert. Our communication since having these dates has greatly improved, and we couldn’t do it without a babysitter. Fortunately, UrbanSitter is now available in NYC.

UrbanSitter is an app which allows parents to book a caregiver in real time or last minute in my case. The app indicates if they have worked in a my neighborhood previously, shows a video clip of the sitter, lists parent reviews, and a sitter performance rating. It’s a brilliant service. Since we’ve began using the service, we have three different sitters in regular rotation. It’s reassuring to know that our children are well taken care of, while Jason and I escape for a few hours.

I’ve even recommended UrbanSitter to readers who have dm’d me prior to trips to NYC. They were able to log on and view the sitter’s I’ve used previously, before making a decision on which sitter best suited their needs. In addition to babysitting, UrbanSitter is a great source for long term Nanny’s too, and its available in over 60 cities!

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I encourage you all to get out for date night, or even a spa day! Super excited to offer all SITC readers their first month of UrbanSitter Membership for free, by using code BESTSITTERS. Sign up HERE. Offer valid through December 31, 2018.

Would love to hear about your ideal date night!


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