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Making Us A Priority

I recently looked back at my new years posts from the last few January’s, and just about every one talks about date nights for Jason and I. Our lives are so busy with kids and work pulling in different directions, that alone time for Jason and I gets pushed aside. Since becoming a mom, I feel that I need to be with kids all the time, or that I’m the only one that can get them to sleep or who can make them dinner. It’s something that I need to learn let go of, because it leaves little time for me, and for our relationship. It’s too easy to make an excuse to miss date night. Too tired, don’t want to get home late, or no one to watch the kids.

But I’ve realized that with Jason’s crazy travel, our date nights are few and far between, so when he is in town, we really need to make an effort, tired or not. We need this time to reconnect and talk about what’s going on, because he is usually in different time zones, so we may go a couple of days without speaking. It’s a difficult balance, so when we do get that time together, it’s all about playing catch up.

We’ve realized that a once a week date could be too ambitious, so we’ve opened it up to every ten or twelve days. On those nights, we usually get the kids to sleep, and head out for dinner, or even just a nearby cafe for dessert. Our communication since having these dates has greatly improved, and we couldn’t do it without a babysitter. Fortunately, UrbanSitter is now available in NYC.

UrbanSitter is an app which allows parents to book a caregiver in real time or last minute in my case. The app indicates if they have worked in a my neighborhood previously, shows a video clip of the sitter, lists parent reviews, and a sitter performance rating. It’s a brilliant service. Since we’ve began using the service, we have three different sitters in regular rotation. It’s reassuring to know that our children are well taken care of, while Jason and I escape for a few hours.

I’ve even recommended UrbanSitter to readers who have dm’d me prior to trips to NYC. They were able to log on and view the sitter’s I’ve used previously, before making a decision on which sitter best suited their needs. In addition to babysitting, UrbanSitter is a great source for long term Nanny’s too, and its available in over 60 cities!

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I encourage you all to get out for date night, or even a spa day!

Would love to hear about your ideal date night!

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16 thoughts on “Making Us A Priority”

  1. They say distance makes the heart go fonder. I’m happy that you and Jason have gotten creative in finding time to spend together,

  2. I totally agree, making time for each other is tough, when both of you seem to be ships passing in the night. I’m curious if UrbanSitter is available in my area.

  3. I think UrbanSitter is here in Boston, too! It sounds like a great backup when you don’t have family nearby to watch the kids 🙂

  4. Finding time to connect as a couple can be tough, especially when you have children. UrbanSitter sounds like an excellent resource for busy families!

  5. I’ve never heard of this UrbanSitter app! It sounds like it’s just what couples who don’t have time for each other due to work responsibilities.

  6. It is so important to maintain a bond and connection with your partner, especially when raising kids. Kids can surely take up a lot of our mind and time then we are so exhausted, I get it. I am glad that you are able to find a balance that will help to ensure you and Jason reconnect on a regular basis on terms that will work for you both! I don’t have any other tips for you or what an ideal date night would look like for us, but going to think about it and see what changes can be made.

  7. How wonderful that you’ve found an app that helps you book a caregiver for those times you can get some much needed time together! I like that the app breaks down the sitter, such as parent reviews. That alone would be what I’d look for!

  8. Alone time is really important especially if you have kids. It’s what helps you have a stronger relationship. I think it’s nice that you found UrbanSitter! It’s really convenient!

  9. Kelly Hutchinson

    I should go with how you’re doing it – but it seems like we’re always busy and that even once every 10 to 12 days may be ambitious for us! My husband and I should really make the effort though.

  10. I agree, making time for each other is hard sometimes, when both of you seem to be going in different directions. I’ll check if UrbanSitter is available in Jersey.

  11. I wish they had UrbanSitter years ago when our kids were still young. That would have been so convenient! My husband and I would usually take the kids to either of our parents’ house if we needed some alone time. It was nice to “get away” from the household responsibilities once in a while.

  12. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    This app sounds awesome! This would be perfect for parents this Valentine’s Day! PS. I love your photos!

  13. It’s so hard to find a good babysitter when you need one, that it’s nice to know that the Urban Sitter app is available. I’m glad you are taking time to connect with your hubby; I try to do the same, and you’re right, it’s hard to make that time, but a real necessity.

  14. That was one advice my parents gave me when I got married. “Never be complacent to spend time together. Of course, kids and life can get in the way, but always make sure you never stop dating your spouse. Instead of saying there is no time, think about ways to make time.” Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

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