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We are approaching that point in every summer, where the sun is setting earlier, morning temps are getting cooler, and you can taste the fall. I’m still a little in shock that Siella will be entering first grade, and Gemma will be starting Pre K. This will be the first time all three of my children are in school, full time. To say it’s going to be a big change is an understatement.

While we are still well immersed in summer mode, there is anticipation about the upcoming school year. Back to school supplies are rolling in, backpacks and lunch boxes have been picked out, and new winter coats are sitting in online shopping carts! But when it comes to shoes, I just can’t get enough of them. Maybe it’s because we live in a city, but my children go through shoes, sneakers, and boots like running water. We walk all around town in rain, snow, sleet, or shine, and their shoes get the most wear and tear. With this, it’s important to invest in good footwear for them. Not to mention their ever growing shoe size. I’m not kidding when I say that all of Gemma’s summer shoes are too small on her! I can’t believe it.

Morgan & Milo have been in my children’s shoe closets for years. They offer unique and stylish shoes, sneakers, boots, and even kids’ clothing. I love that they are a mom-owned and managed company, which gives them a first hand understanding of what other moms are looking for when it comes to sneakers. High quality, comfort, and trendy pieces for our little ones to play in all day long, are what Morgan & Milo are all about!

I’m literally swooning over Morgan & Milo’s fall collection this year, wanting almost every style for the girls! Sparkles and glitter are still going very strong in our home, so anything with shine is a must!

For Siella, I picked these Lucy Double V style, in spunky pastel pink snake skin!

Gemma is wearing the Lily Double V, in silver sparkle. She always wants to be like her big sis, so having the same style with different finishes keeps Siella from getting too upset “that Gemma is always copying her.” The sneakers have a high quality rubber sole with hook and loop straps for easy on and off. I know they will be wearing these everyday once school starts.

And I didn’t stop with just sneakers. For the colder months, check out this Quinny Quilted boot for Siella! I love the unique style and know they will keep her cozy and stylish throughout the winter.

Morgan and Milo’s signature style shoes, the Olivia is perfect for Gemma. She prefers dressier attire, and this ballet style checks that box. I love how there is a strap ensuring she will not slip out! The Olivia comes in many different colors and fabrics, but I’m partial to the neutral boucle fabric with gold toe.

To say the least, the girls are over the moon with their new kicks. Now I need to try to keep them from wearing them until school starts. Be sure to check out Morgan & Milo’s site for the latest fall styles that are sure to have your little ones eager to run off to school!


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