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Getting Around Town With Ease

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a New York City subway, during the summer months. It’s so hot and sticky, that you feel like taking another shower before you even reach your destination. And while the kids are use to it, they cannot even bear it.

Lyft For Your Family: Getting Around Town With Ease

If I have the choice, I’d rather walk, but there are plenty of times when it’s just too far, and we need to get there quickly. When it comes to cabs, Jason and I both love using Lyft! Lyft is a car service that matches drivers with passengers who request rides through their smartphone app, and passengers pay automatically through the app. It’s seriously the best thing that’s ever been created, especially for us city folk! Jason uses the service constantly for airport runs and when on the road for shoots, and I take it for work events in and out of the city. Simply clicking a button on my phone makes those days of hailing a yellow cab in the rain a distant memory.

Lyft For Your Family: Getting Around Town With Ease

As a mother of three, I am super excited Lyft has recently introduced carseats to their service! By selecting the car seat option in my Lyft app, I can travel around NYC with my kids safely buckled. This comes as a relief to many city moms, because we have all been guilty of taking kids in cabs without proper seat belts for their size. It’s an additional fare of $10 for this service, but can we really put a price on our childrens’ safety?

Lyft For Your Family: Getting Around Town With Ease

Lyft has engaged third-party child passenger safety (CPS) technicians that have been certified under the National Child Passenger Safety Training Program. These CPS technicians have tested each Lyft driver in their Car Seat program, to assure that the driver knows how to properly install the car seat in the driver’s vehicle, and that it is in proper working condition. For me, this is pretty major, since there have been plenty of times I’ve requested car seats from other car services, and they literally hand me the car seat to install upon arrival! The children must be 31 – 52 inches and weigh 22 – 48 pounds, and the available seats are not suitable for children under 12 months old.

Lyft For Your Family: Getting Around Town With Ease Lyft For Your Family: Getting Around Town With Ease

The kids and I were super excited to try out this new service, so we grabbed a Lyft and headed over to Chelsea Piers, for a birthday party. What a breeze! Our driver Louie was the nicest driver ever. I even asked him questions about the installation and he assured me that this was probably the 1000th car seat he installed! He made sure Gemma was safe and secure before we headed out! Congrats Lyft, we are loving the new feature!

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21 thoughts on “Getting Around Town With Ease”

  1. I seriously love using ride services like Lyft! And that is so cool that they now offer car seats. I think $10 is a very reasonable price to pay for peace of mind!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Now that is awesome service. I love that Lyft makes sure that you not only get a smooth ride in a clean vehicle, it also ensures the safety of this passengers. I like that there are technicians who can install the car seat for you! Nice!

  3. I had no idea that Lyft had added this feature, it’s a brilliant idea with so many people having children. I am glad the service was great and that car is gorgeous for a Lyft driver to have. Seems they know what they are doing to ensure passengers enjoy the ride, feel good in the vehicle and arrive safely!

  4. I didn’t know they were offering this service. Will have to share this with my Mom group, many have younger kids and were just discussing how getting transportation to the airport was a pain figuring out the car seats.

  5. I don’t think I’ve tried using Lyft before! It’s perfect if you need a car to get you to places and you’re unable to drive or there’s no car available. It’s definitely a good service! Love it.

  6. With all the bad reviews that Uber is getting, Lyft sounds like a much better alternative! I think this is awesome and I’m glad that you had an amazing experience during your first ride.

  7. lol I guess all of that car seat installation would make him a pro. 🙂 Awesome that he was nice and this is really cool!

  8. That makes me so happy! I love that Lyft has added carseats as one of their amazing services. It’ll make it even easier to get the family where we need to be.

  9. We use Lyft on the road all the time, but having a car seat option means we will be able to use it at home more often. It saves us from so many hassles.

  10. Our Family World

    This is good news! I have never had a bad experience with Lyft and this service just makes me love them even more. I can’t believe they even have car seat installation technicians. That is great to know that they care for the safety of you and your children.

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