Breakfast With Santa

When Ryder was just a year and half old, we started a holiday tradition of going to Breakfast with Santa, at Rockefeller Center. Like it was yesterday, I can remember my friend Melissa and I walking in for the first time with our tiny little boys for a super fun morning with St. Nick and some ice skating. The boys couldn’t skate but holding them up, as they stumbled around the ice was half the fun!

The subsequent year we went yet again, this time with Ryder’s bestie Luke, and there was our annual tradition. Even after the girls came into the picture, we’ve made it year after year, missing on the 2016 Christmas season, due to the flu. Since it had been 2 years, I can’t tell you how excited I was to head back last Monday with my gang!

Breakfast with Santa take place in the the Rock Center Cafe, or The Sea Grill. Over the years, we’ve experienced both. Rock Center is geared more for children with the Santa experience, while The Sea Grill is a bit more upscale. The family-style Breakfast includes a brioche french toast, scrambled eggs, breakfast pastries, applewood-smoked bacon, gingerbread men and more. Before the kiddies dig into their breakfast, two little elves escort us to meet Santa. Inside Santa’s little workshop, kids can tell Santa what they’d like for Christmas, before taking a photo. On the way out, the elves hand out little toys, as the kids fill little goodie bags from the table full of sweet treats.

After our bellies were full, we laced up our skates and hit the ice. The iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree is right above, and Santa himself is on the ice, showing off his moves. All three kids can sort of skate on their own, so our backs got a little break, rather than hunching over to support them! It’s so cool that ice skating is included with Rockefeller Center’s breakfast with Santa, because there’s no need to wait on the long skating line. You walk right out a special entrance, onto into the rink!

This was such a treat for us, and now that the kids are older, I know they will remember it. There is no doubt that we are definitely in the holiday spirit!! And ps – there is still time to book!


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