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Our Top Advent Calendars of the Season

We can officially say we are in the holiday spirit! My whole family is excited for Christmas season and especially in the city! I love New York City in the winter, specifically during this festive time of year. There’s so much life and cheer in the air and the city is decorated so beautifully with the lights. We are somehow in November, which is the perfect time to start getting organized and getting ready for the holidays next month. Thanksgiving is practically here and right after that is typically when we reach for a classic advent calendar. Stay tuned for gift guides because they’re around the corner! For now, let’s chat all things Christmas advent calendars. Here is a list of our favorite advent calendars to shop from this season!

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Holiday Cheer

First and foremost, it truly is so much fun to prep yourself for or treat yourself to, rather, is unique advent calendars. Every day you get an exciting little surprise leading up to the big holiday. What’s better than a sweet gift a day during the holiday season? There are a lot of advent calendars out there and the best part is there is no such thing as one that isn’t good. You get a little treat at the very least, even if it is something tiny like dark chocolate. Depending on your interests and age group, you can find plenty of best sellers out there and more classic options.

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Advent Calendars

Moreover, advent calendars have come a long way the past few years. They began as simply the best chocolate advent calendars and now you can get pretty much any type of advent calendar! There’s skincare, beauty, treats and fun accessories for pets, grooming items, teas and coffee, the list goes on and on. I’ve seen some with almost delicious body balm, 15 nights of wine, olive oil, Harry Potter and so much more. For instance, what is really great is that there are several options for how many days you’d like- they sell 30 days, 15 days, 25 for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Honestly, I’m not gonna tell anyone if you get yourself a few different calendars this year, you deserve it! Either make a price point and stay within that or go for the best gifts at good value.

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Finally, I’ve had years of experience shopping for gift sets and advent calendars. Each year I swear I find the best ones but as time goes on, they get better. What I’m seeing on the internet now are not only the most popular advent calendars, but amazing holiday treats to look forward to daily. There is one here for every person and furry friend in your life. Don’t forget to treat your pets! My kids have been looking forward to picking one out themselves this year and it’s really been fun to see what everyone is interested in.

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Personally, I have my eye on the Dr. Barbara Sturm calendar, while the girls go for their favorite beauty brands and skin care brands. Now is the best time to order it, so it will be here just in time to start counting down to the holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with the season in full swing, a different treat to open daily feels like it’s well deserved.

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Firstly, we’re kicking off with the one I’m most looking forward to! These are my favorite skin care products and well worth the price.
Secondly, this is an adorable option because not only do you get ornaments to decorate the tree with daily. But your children are occupied with a craft!
Thirdly, my girls have been on a bracelet kick lately! They love making them ever since we went to the Taylor Swift concert, so this is another fun activity.
Is anyone else candle obsessed? I love this for a ton of new scents and it comes with a stunning wick trimmer!
The ultimate advent calendar for parents is here! Nespresso has 24 coffees and a limited edition mug in theirs!
Where are my wine lovers? 24 days of mini bottles to try out seems like a win in my book!
Harry Potter fans, you will love this one! Not all the candy falls under those bean boozled categories–most of it tastes good!
How cute is this?! It gives you a new Christmas movie to watch every night leading up to the holiday!
Furthermore, my girls are all about beauty and skincare! This is a great set of all the top products and perfect for anyone beginning the world of beauty.
We are major Lego fans here! With daily collectible prizes, your kids are sure to love it.
Barbie is everything this year! This is a cute option because you get the doll and then new clothes and accessories daily.
You can’t forget your furry friends! Give them a daily treat this December!
Moreover, who doesn’t love Playdoh?! It allows for creativity and imagination.
Anthropologie has some of my favorite holiday finds! This advent calendar has over $350 worth of product for under $90!
Finally, how could I not include this iconic calendar filled with sheer delight! There’s a mix of nougats, jams, chocolates and more!

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