Bounce To A Whole New Level

Even though my kids are not babies any more, I often find myself scouring the baby market for the newest and coolest gadgets and gear. There are so many products that I wish were around when I was a new mama. Some items will come and go but there are a few that are absolutely vital. Bouncers are probably the most helpful and essential pieces of baby gear you will ever purchase. After all, they can be a life saver.


Swings are fun, electronic motion seats are amazing, too—but there is still nothing like a basic bouncer seat. Most bouncers are lightweight so you can carry them from room to room and keep an eye on your baby while they safely sit and coo or sleep, giving you the freedom to prepare dinner or take a shower.

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Well, there’s a new bouncer on the block folks. The new Skip Hop Uplift takes a traditional bouncer seat and adds the most essential upgrade ever, the adjustable height! I know I just blew your mind. As you probably know, plenty of bouncers can adjust to recline a bit, but the majority just stay in one position on one level. The Skip Hop Uplift uses smart design to take bouncers to a whole new level; literally!


All parents at one point or another have made the dangerous decision to plop a bouncer on the table while we eat or prepare dinner or even just to interact with your baby and sit in a chair not on the floor. Crouching down on the floor to play with or feed the baby can be hell for your back. It was especially hard for me recovering from a c-section to scramble on and off the floor to engage with my children or simply pick them up from the bouncers. This adjustable height feature is major.


The Skip Hop Uplift at it’s basic setting is a traditional bouncer that sits at floor level BUT now you can adjust the height to be level with your seat and anywhere in between with a simple turn of a knob. Baby can join you at the dinner table not on it and you can relax on the sofa without hunching over to play with your baby.


The footprint is comparable to most bouncers and easily fits into the smallest of living rooms. It is lightweight for easy transport, folds for storage and has an auto-off setting. The Uplift also offers an assortment of entertaining features: vibrations, sounds, stimulating removable activity bar. Keeping the chair looking good is also important, so the removable and washable fabric seat with 5-point harness and washable infant insert is key.

Another important aesthetic detail I really appreciate is no more wild safari themes or cheesy monkey jungle patterns. The Skip Hop Uplift has a clean look and neutral color palate, which blends in with any modern home. Skip Hop is constantly re-engineering and improving standard products, from diaper bags to bouncer seats, without sacrificing style.


Skip Hop is one of my favorite brands and because their mission is to constantly question functionality, form and design. Skip Hop’s philosophy is Must-Haves—Made Better and I can’t think of a more apt example of that philosophy in action then the new Skip Hop Uplift bouncer seat.

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