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Germ Free Back To School

School starts for us in just two weeks. Ryder, Siella, and Gemma are super excited about going back to school, seeing their friends they haven’t seen all summer, and super anxious to see who their teachers are. We are ready with new backpacks and fun back to school gear and supplies, and I have to say we are all ready for this new year to start. I will say, the one thing I am dreading the most, is all of the germs and colds they tend to come home with during those first two months school is in session.


Lysol set up the coolest adult classroom complete with personalized desks, name tags, pencil cases, paper, even backpacks for a crash course in germs…and all I have to say is ewww. I learned a few cold hard facts that made me instantly want to go home and scrub my home top to bottom—and maybe follow my kids to school and douse their classrooms with Lysol spray. I am definitely not leaving the house without sanitizer during this flu season. And, I love the travel size Lysol Disinfectant Spray To Go.


Did you know that the flu virus can live on a hard surface for up to 48 hours? Or that 22 million school days are missed due to the common cold!? That’s a lot of valuable class time missed from preventable germ spreading. It’s no surprise that when someone gets sick in my brood it sweeps through the house like wildfire. When you have a family of five in a New York City apartment, things get cozy and germs spread. But thanks to Lysol products and Lysol Germ School, we are more prepared and can have a hand in protecting our kids and preventing or at least reducing the spread of germs.


Lysol has partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) and National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with health messages from the CDC, to launch Healthy Habits Program. This program educates kids on proper hand washing and other techniques to help stop the spread of germs and reduce the number of sick days. Lysol has also partnered with Box Tops for Education; each Lysol Box Top is worth 10 cents and your school can use that cash for books, computers and even playground equipment.


Lysol is encouraging parents and teachers to instill healthy habits in kids. Hand washing is just one of the myriad of ways your kids can avoid common cold and flu. Other helpful tips for parents are teaching kids to thoroughly cover up when they cough and sneeze, instilling proper diet and exercise and most importantly, keeping your children home from school when they are sick. It is crucial to keep your sick child home until they are no longer contagious. It also allows your child time to fully rest and recover. Surface disinfection is also important because now we know certain viruses can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Lysol disinfectant spray and wipes are a great tool to quickly zap germs.


I learned so many great tips and plan on being diligent about cleansing, disinfecting and stopping the spread of germs this school year.

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12 thoughts on “Germ Free Back To School”

  1. School started back here 3 weeks ago. Crazy early, I know! 🙂 I bought up Lysol wipes to send to school for my son’s teachers, too. Here’s to a germ-free school year!

  2. It definitely looks like they’re ready to go back from their fashion down to their adorable back packs and lunch boxes! I do agree though, with back to school comes germs and getting sick so anything to combat that is a good thing.

  3. I first want to say Lysol needs to hire you because all the photos with your kids looks like it could be in an editorial in magazines! I love their fun little backpacks but back to school season definitely means back to school germs!

  4. I love the small Lysol to go size. It’s definitely easy to tuck into a purse or backpack or slip into your pocket. I always pack Lysol when I’m traveling.

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