5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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Father’s Day is just a few days away, and since Jason won’t be around on the actual day, we decided to celebrate a weekend early. He is hands down is one of the hardest people to shop for, and when the holidays roll around, I’m usually in panic mode, trying to figure out what to get a guy who pretty much has everything.

This year, I turned to the kids for some help, and asked them what they thought Daddy might want for Father’s Day. It was a no brainer for them, and they immediately belted out “Daddy likes music and food,” or “Let’s give him something for the gym!” These were great ideas, so I rolled with them, adding my own spin!

Ryder’s idea was the gym, so we got dad this Arctic Cool Shirt for work out! The top uses HydroFreeze x Cooling Technology to absorb moisture, leaving you feeling dry and cool! And to make sure all his hard work is paying off, and he’s in tip top shape, I picked up an AliveCor Kardia Mobile, which is an app based EKG monitor, to make sure your ticker is working well.

Siella said “Daddy likes music!” With that in mind, I was thinking about all the times Jason told me about his turntables during his short lived DJ stint in his teen years. Why not buy an album! Jason’s love for music runs deep, so I thought it would turn to Universal Music Group, and picked up a Stevie Wonder “Songs In The Key Of Life” vinyl, and Exodus from Bob Marley & The Wailers on CD!

And for Gemma’s sweet idea “Daddy likes food,” I found this adorable Edible Arrangement “Fruit and Fire” bouquet. This fruit-filled fire starts with delicious chocolate dipped banana “logs” and flames made from fresh pineapple, chocolate dipped strawberries topped with orange Swizzle! It was delish, and if you’d like to try one out, now through June 18th, SITC readers will receive $10 off a $50+ purchase using code, BLOG6722.

And last but not least, I put in some Sexy Hair “Hard Up Gel.” Jason is constantly cracking jokes with the kids about his hair, or lack there of it, so I thought it would funny to tease him a little bit. Its a high-performance gel that doesn’t flake, while giving great hold and all-day shine. I figured it wouldnt go to waste, because it suits Ryder’s hair perfectly!

Happy to report that Jason loved his pre Father’s Day celebration and gifts. I know realize that I need to turn to my kids more often for a fresh perspective on gift ideas! What are your plans for Father’s Day this weekend?

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