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Where to Find the Best White Graduation Dresses

Graduations come in all ages. You could be graduating from middle school, high school, college or grad school. You name it, we celebrate it! I know some of the college graduations have passed, but middle and high school graduations are still happening and some of you have asked for recommendations on where to shop. However, I’m here to share my favorite stores to shop for this special occasion and throw in some dresses I love for the big day, to help you find the graduation dress of your dreams!


Traditionally, we wear white dresses for graduation season, so we’re going to stick with that for the most part! This is a big day, so you want to make sure you grab a dress that you feel comfortable and good in! Ultimately, it’s a huge photo day, as well, so I recommend going to some texture to stand out a bit more. These are photos you’ll have forever, so you can never go wrong with a classic look!

Here are some store recommendations:


I love this store! They have a lot of great options that I would say are less casual and more on the nicer side. And these are dresses you could save for another special day or big event where you’d either have to wear white or you just want to dress up!


This is definitely a more affordable option, which I love! Markedly, you could find the perfect dress here for the best price. I would say this retailer specifically has a ton of dresses to offer, so if you’re not feeling the traditional white graduation dresses, you could definitely opt for black dresses, green dresses, blue dresses, yellow dresses, pink dresses, whatever your heart’s desire! They have lots of options- maxi dresses, a mini dress, and all the latest trends.


It’s no secret that Revolve is one of my favorite retailers. I think the pieces they have are so unique and stunning, I couldn’t help but gravitate toward them for the best graduation dresses. Some of my favorite brands are sold through them and, of course, I had to check out their grad dresses for the best options.

Free People

Another great store to shop at is Free People! Besides, they’re known for their breathable fabric, which is great for the summer months. I would say this is the place to shop at if you’re looking for a dress with a flirty touch. They’re pretty boho and cute there!


I recently shared that this is my go-to store for communion dresses. What can I say, Dillards just does white dresses well! Albeit, if you have a child who has an 8th grade graduation coming up, this is the store for you! Comparatively, there are tons of options that follow school dress code and are great, modest options, yet complete the stylish look.


Shopbop is a fantastic option when it comes to looking for the perfect graduation dress! They get new arrivals constantly, so there’s always something to look at there. Not to mention, the free standard shipping that is so fast!

I have to say, if you’re a bride, some of these dresses are great for bridal showers! These dresses are multi-functional, we want to get the best use out of our money for sure! I hope you take a look through these different styles and are able to find a dress for your graduation ceremony!

For more graduation advice, visit here!

Truly, how stunning is this dress? It’s definitley more for the college kids, but this is one of those pieces that are perfect to save for bridal functions or other nice events!
This is a collaboration with LoveShackFancy, so of course, I am obsessed! I think this is a great option that is on the more casual side and can be worn to many summer functions.
Texture on dresses is great, especially for the photos! I love this one and the price is fabulous!
How darling is this dress?! I love the ruffle detail and think it is seriously such a stunning option. It’s perfect for an 8th grade graduation!
Here’s a midi dress option for those who want a longer dress! I love the detailing under the chest and think it’s such a classic piece.
You can never go wrong with a good linen dress! These are always in style and so easy to keep as a closet staple!
If you’re a Selkie fan, you have to take a look at this dress! It’s so fun and firty and I love the long sleeves on it!
Slip dresses are very on trend at the moment, which is great because they’re super lightweight and perfect for the summer months. This is a great one to have as a closet staple, it is perfect for parties!
For Love and Lemons has some of the prettiest dresses! I love this one because it could be dressed up or down.
The bodice on this dress is like no other! And the sparkl sleeves? Perfection! It’s a great option if you’re looking for more coverage. It’s also available in a shorter option.
This is another great option for your middle school child! And the price is fabulous!
This dress is always an option-for anything! I just think it’s so great to dress up or down and they make it in petite sizes, so your younger one can wear it!
Here is another great midi option that can totally be reworn for another big event! I love the texture and details!
This is definitely not a prom dress! But I do think it’s perfect for graduation! It’s a classic option that can be dressed up so well with heels!
I had to save one of the best for last! This dress has stunning texture and I absolutely love the floral detailing!

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13 thoughts on “Where to Find the Best White Graduation Dresses”

  1. I love the matching print dresses in the first picture. I can’t believe it’s already time for graduation!

  2. Wow! Every graduation dress featured here looks so mesmerizing. Each dress has its own unique style which can be seen in what the dresser wants. Loved it!

  3. These dresses are gorgeous and perfect for graduations! My daughter graduates next year so I’ll have to pin this post as a reminder for her to look at these.

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