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What’s On My Mother’s Day List!

With Mother’s Day in just two short weeks away, I am absolutely thrilled to present this year’s  Mother’s Day Gift Guide, well they are my picks. There’s been a few brands I’ve been obsessing over the past few months that I had to throw in. All these items, you see below I use in my everyday life, believe in, or hope to have as my own some day (ahem Chanel Bag!)


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What's On My Mother's Day List! | Stroller In The City


1. Maxi Dress

2. Elixirs

3. Sweats

4. Headbands

5. Coffee - Gounds & Hounds

6. Shoes

7. Summer Fridays!

8. Books

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13 thoughts on “What’s On My Mother’s Day List!”

  1. I don’t really NEED anything this year, but I found this cute Kate Spade bag I really want so I hope I get it.

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