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vlog 8: Art In The City

It amazes me how this city is forever changing. We’ve lived in our neighborhood for 11 years now, and I can say first hand this was not the same place back then as it is now. New restaurants have opened, stores have moved in, and there are many more apartment buildings all bursting at the seams with families and dogs. One of things I love about NYC is the art and culture, that we somehow get to stumble upon everyday.

Vlog 8 is all about art installations right in the middle of our streets! This past month, we somehow managed to hit up quite a few!

I’ve watched for weeks this mural go up in our neighborhood. The artist behind the #MuralToUnite is Chinon Maria and is about empowering our girls and women, along with the refugee crisis happening in the world. The street long masterpiece is not only breathtaking but super powerful!

And literally around the corner from the #MuralToUnite, you’ll find artists Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt “Sunrise, Sunset (Revolution)” large-scale sculpture that consists of 27 aluminum panels embedded with 9,000 crystal prisms. The installation is activated with natural light, creating a kaleidoscope of colors on those within it.

And in Washington Square Park, you’ll find Ai Weiwei’s “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” right in the middle of the arch! His work is also featured throughout Madison Square Park as well!

There’s also more NYC moments in VLOG 8 like our favorite cupcake joint, and Siella’s field trip to another exhibit called Canstruction!

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6 thoughts on “vlog 8: Art In The City”

  1. Wow that art in the city is beautiful. I always admire art anywhere, this is certainly some super talent shared in the city for all to see. Thanks for sharing this beautiful art work!

  2. I’ve never seen art in a city like this before. This is really neat to see up close like that. I have always wanted to visit a city where they do have art similar to this around.

  3. New York City is such an amazing place – unlike any other city in the world, in my opinion. These murals are spectacular!

  4. I love pro art installations like those. Especially the ones that do something special at a certain time of day or year. All cities should invest in them!

  5. Omg! So many awesome pieces of art in the city!!!! I love walking around big cities because you always spit awesome art

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