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The end of the year is always a whirlwind. Just as we start getting into our school routine the holidays are upon us, the days feel shorter and everything is upside down—in a good way, mostly. I love the holidays and for me the end of the year signifies new beginnings to come and it is a time to reflect on the year behind us. Although this year has been a difficult one for the country it was filled with love, discovery and adventure for our family. As festive as the end of the year can be, when we’re in the throws of holiday shopping, parties, events, activities and of course, travel…it is easy to forget the essentials in life, like our health. And more importantly, health insurance.

One constant when you have three kids in school and involved in a number of other activities is illness and injury. In between all our fun we have had quite a few doctor and urgent care visits for one ailment or another, and even a near-broken foot. I have been sick on and off for what feels like forever and the kids always start sniffling or coughing during this time of year. I can’t imagine the bills we would have racked up if we didn’t have health insurance. I can understand how people let a few illnesses go too far knowing how expensive doctors visits are.

If you don’t get health insurance through your employer, let’s say you are a freelancer or small business owner and you don’t qualify for subsidies to help offset the cost of coverage, the skyrocketing cost of private health insurance can sometimes mean you go without coverage to save a few bucks. But that can cost more in the long run. When we were in our early twenties and felt invincible, sure this was no big deal but as a parent of three I know just how important health and wellness are…and I know how important it is to be financially responsible and organized. I have a few friends who have let their health insurance lapse and then find themselves with a staggering hospital bill for a quick ER visit for the flu or a few stitches.

The deadline for open enrollment through healthcare.gov is December 15, 2017 (NY and CA are open through January 31). Oscar Health insurance has created resources that explain health terminology and make selecting a plan a stress free experience. Visit howtogetcovered.com to learn more about Oscar and get more information about health insurance.

You know my secret to staying stress-free is to prep and plan so that I can handle any curveball in the future. You never know what can happen so it is essential that I have this basic necessity all lined up for next year and then I can turn my attention back to enjoying the holidays. Health insurance is just one of those must-have things in life that is worth it. Rather than spend your life trying to figure out the intricacies of the healthcare system and the billing department—I encourage everyone to visit healthcare.gov and #GetCovered for 2018. Oscar has reliable and simple health insurance plans as well as tons of important information and resources to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Getting covered is an investment in your future self, your physical health, and your financial health.

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19 thoughts on “Get Covered”

  1. Having health insurance, especially with a family, is an important investment. Oscar Health Insurance sounds like a great plan for your family.

  2. I definitely want to make sure we’re covered! Now would be a good time to get our healthcare taken care of for next year.

  3. I always feel so lucky to have the NHS when I read about people needing health insurance I have a plethora of health issues and I would hate to even start thinking about getting cover.

  4. Health insurance is so so important to have. .With all the politics going on about it, I would hope everyone has it by now.

  5. My husband would love to stay home with me and work but the insurance would negate everything. We would be looking at like 2k a month!

  6. This looks like a good resouce. Choosing insurance can be stressful and sometimes its hard to know what you even have until you need to use it. Not good if your plan stinks. 🙁

  7. Having health insurance is one thing me and my husband agreed to getting since day 1 of our married life. We did not want to scrimp on health care and we also made sure all our kids had coverage.

  8. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    This sounds like a great way to plan for my family. I agree that it’s really important to be ready for anything. Thanks for sharing this! Will definitely check their site.

  9. Health insurance is really important especially if you have children. I think it’s not just going to help you save money on hospital bills but it will give you a peace of mind as well. This sounds really interesting!

  10. More and more families are in need of insurance and it’s tough because it’s not exactly affordable! I think this is a lovely solution, it’s really going to help a lot of people.

  11. I actually need coverage and was planning on looking into it next week. Thanks for the reminder, it’s so important

  12. Shannon Gurnee (Redhead Mom)

    I love how cute the bandages are on your daughter! I will definitely check this out for coverage for 2018. Thanks for sharing.

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