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vlog 4: End Of Summer

So I’m here writing about our end of summer, and even though it is technically fall, it still feels much like summer with temps in the 80’s almost every single day!

This VLOG is about the last few weeks of summer, which was pretty busy for us. Ryder and I took sailing lessons on the Hudson River the day before his birthday.

We camped out in 14th Street park with Google to watch the Solar Eclipse. The kids set up a Lemonade Stand to raise money for Project Orca.

We headed out to my absolute happy place ever, the Hamptons, where we stayed with our friends in Sag Harbor for a weekend and then rented our own house in Southampton. During that week we had many beach days, a picnic at our favorite vineyard, ate our weight in lobster rolls, and pretty much had the best time catching up with friends.


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