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These Shoes Were Made For Walking {& Crocs Giveaway}

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Confession… I was never the girl who could wear high heels all day long. On busy days, I would always carry a comfy pair in my bag to change into when running from place to place. And now as a mom of three in New York City where we basically walk everywhere, comfortable shoes are an absolute must. I will give you an example of one of my typical days, which definitely could not have been accomplished if I was wearing some sort of heel, wedge, or pump.

Crocs Sandals

Just yesterday, my crazy day started dropping Ryder and Siela off at individual schools, Gemma was in tow. I ran back home to quickly shower and change, to be in midtown with Gemma at 9:30 for a photoshoot, next it was off to Central Park for an appointment at noon, then back downtown to pick up the bigs from school. After school, Siella and I headed to her back to back dance classes, then back home for dinner, and then I went back uptown to SoHo for yet another meeting. Somehow all these appointments and commitments landed on the same day, leaving me in an absolute whirlwind of chaos.

Crocs Sandals Crocs Sandals Crocs Sandals

One of the only things that helped get me through this hectic day was wearing my super comfy Crocs sandals. In the past, when thinking about Crocs, I always associated them with the classic clog or kids brand, but their new styles are feminine and more refined this spring season. The Isabella Sandal comes in an array of colors with soft translucent straps, and I just love this turquoise, pink, yellow combo. They’re stylish enough for my meetings, and super lightweight which make them ideal to wear all day long. And, the Croslite foam footbed cushions my tired soles, after hours of pounding the concrete.

Crocs Sandals

Now that I have my own pair of Crocs, I can understand my kids’ obsession with them. I even picked up a second pair; these Sienna flats. This ballet style flat has a slim, sleek fit, but definitely does not compromise the Crocs comfort factor. The distinctive heel cutouts give them a breezy, casual attitude, and their light weight makes them easy to toss into my bag, so I can change into them whenever I go. My feet have now been opened up to a whole new world of comfort thanks to Crocs.

Crocs Flats Crocs Flats

Honestly, there is no way I can play my role as a work at home, stay at home mom each and every day without wearing shoes that allow me to be on the go, yet stylish at the same time.

Crocs Flats Crocs Flats Crocs Flats

Excited to have teamed up with Crocs on this amazing “Shoes For A Year” Giveaway. One lucky and stylish reader will receive 12 pairs, up to $75 a pair, for one entire year! But if you can’t wait until the giveaway ends, and need comfort immediately, use code STROLLER20 to receive 20% off entire your purchase online through June 17, 2016!


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100 thoughts on “These Shoes Were Made For Walking {& Crocs Giveaway}”

  1. I’ve never worn crocs because they always looked too bulky on my feet. Never knew they came in those cute styles! Love the sienna flats!!

    1. Girl, they are so comfy, bulky or a different style. If you’re get hurt, they help. I still wear the originals too. Do yourself a favor. ????

  2. YES! This last pregnancy left me with wider feet and zero shoes to wear. I walked into the Crocs outlet and have been in heaven since. These would be amazing!! I have a box of high heels and shoes I wore pre-baby that just aren’t going to make it back onto my feet. I’m proud of my babies and would love to win a supply of stroller-pushing fashionable shoes for my post-baby feet!!!

  3. I love the Women’s Crocs Sloane Soft Floral Flip!!! Those are absolutely adorable and they look so comfortable!!

  4. Honestly, I used to shudder at the thought of wearing Crocs. But I too am far from a heels-all-day kind of girl, and they’ve really stepped up their game as of late. I vote Sienna flats.

  5. Lori Goldstein

    The Sienna flats are my choice as a go to shoe for both home and on the go. Thanx for such a great giveaway.

  6. The multi color sandals is the favorite of my wife and daughter. Living in a warm climate, all these shoes would be of great use.

  7. Dominique Cloutier

    The Isabella sandals are SUPER cute! I never thought I’d like a pair of crocs so much, but they are absolutely adorable and great for summer!

  8. Crocs is making some really fabulous shoes!!! I love all the wedges and flats. A favorite sandal of mine is the Women’s Sanrah Studded Circle Wedge Flip flop, perfect for everyday!!

  9. Courtney south

    I’m digging the Rio flat such cool colors and the Isabella Flat is pretty cool too !! Such a great post about a brand that probably is overlooked.. I have one pair and they are super comfy and it’s a light too!

  10. Allyson becker

    I have to say that my perception of Crocs was that they were bulky and sort of clunky, and dare I say it, ugly. But after perusing their site and reading your detailed review, I think my perception of Crocs is changing just a bit. If I may be honest, I cannot envision myself ever going for the original style. Maybe, it is my misconception or my inner fashionista diva. But I am impressed to see that they have a wide array of fashionable styles. Honestly, I am a girl who has not ever denied a wedge in her life, unless they did not fit properly. But the Women’s Leigh II 2-strap Graphic Wedge has set my heart afire. I have to dream that if I won this fabulous giveaway, that Croc would me at the top of my list. And the Women’s Cyprus IV Rhinestone Heel is insanely cute! I love me some bling! Forgive my improper English! And I am very impressed by the boots, even though the selection is pretty limited due to the summer season. I secretly am excited to see their new offerings for winter. But at this point, in the boot sector, I think I am a bit obsessed with the Women’s AllCast Luxe Duck Boot. Crocs also has a nice selection from loafers. The Women’s Angeline Flat is very stylish, and the boat shoes are cute and practical. And when I saw the jelly flats, I had visions of my childhood. I was a sucker for jelly flats when I was young. I can remember wearing those shoes to the rink when I was training to be a figure skater. So those cute Crocs bring back happy flashbacks. The Women’s Sanrah Circle Sandal is also quite stylish. It gives me thoughts of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis if she sported a Croc. Am I right or am I right? Crocs even has a nice selection of animal prints that would bring out my wild side. Well, I digress. I admit that my original perception of Crocs just might have been wrong. And it is a big deal for me to admit a rush to judgment. Who knows? Maybe, the future will bring an even bigger change. My heart might turn around and I might even be open to the idea of the original Crocs. You never know! Miracles can happen!

  11. I didn’t realize that Croc made so many different styles. I had a pair for when I went swimming as a teenager but they were always so big, I didn’t care for them. It is interesting that I came across this giveaway and found so many different styles from Croc..

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