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The Ultimate Beach Set Up For This Summer

I have the hardest time finding great beach gear that is cute, practical and easy to carry out there. If you have kids, you’re probably already carrying a bunch of beach stuff and need items that are easy to pack up in the car and bring through the sand. Comfort is also important, and so is the ability to wipe down the gear and make sure it’s sand free before loading it back in the trunk.

These are the perfect items to set up for a fun day at the beach!

How cute is this chair?! So easy to fold up and carry, as well. I love that there is a pocket on the back to store things in so they don’t get sandy!
This cooler matches the chair from this brand perfectly! Who doesn’t love a matching set?! I love the vintage look to it and sometimes it’s easier to bring a cooler bag because they take up less room than the hard case coolers. This one is maede from recycled materials, which is amazing!
This Beach Blanket is an extra-large size to keep you and your loved ones sand-free while soaking up the sun. An included strap makes it extra easy to bring along, and a hole in the center works with B&P Co.’s umbrellas for the ultimate beach-day setup.
The pattern of this chair is stunning and it’s incredibly easy to fold and carry. It folds up so thin, is lightweight and I love that there’s a little cushion for your head!
This umbrella is so glamorous, I love the old fashioned look it has! It comes with a bag to store it in and it folds up so small. Perfect to bring to the beach!
If you have a baby this is for you! The perfect amount of shade for them while they nap or if they need a break from the sun.
I love this towel! It’s super plush and soft and washes so well. It’s also beautiful and comes in several colors!
I love how it has a special, secure area for silverware and cups.
Vacuum Insulated, these simple modern wine tumblers and wine bottles are double walled and vacuum insulated, which keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for hours.
Not only is it so retro and chic, but it has Bluetooth wireless technology, can connect to FM radio or you can use the aux and USB it comes with!
The Roadie 24 is 10% lighter in weight and holds 20% more than a Roadie 20, it even performs 30% better thermally!
This small pouch is great for organizing all your SKIN essentials.
Pink Marble Cornhole Board Set.
For those really hot days, this is a necessity! It’ll keep you cool for hours and is so easy to toss in your bag!

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