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The Fall Decor of Your Dreams

Who else loves to add some decor to their space to spice it up for fall? The coziest rooms and mini pumpkins get me so excited for the fall season! Autumn decor is something that transforms your home look into a cozy feel and warms up the space for the holiday time of year. Now of course, it’s not practical to completely redecorate our homes for every season- although that would be fun! But think about it as adding a little pumpkin spice to your home. Furthermore, add a warm blanket in earthy browns or put out some fall candles. That’s more than enough for a seasonal change. But I’ve found 14 items I think would be the perfect addition to your space this season!

Here are some ways I like to switch up my decorations for fall:


Specifically, a great way to get the fall decor of your dreams is thinking about textures. The weather is getting cooler and therefore, layers, textures and heavier fabrics are ideal. Natural textures are a great way to add options into your space that can be decor for the entire fall season. Corn husks, fall foliage and small pumpkins are natural items that have texture to make for the best fall decor ideas. Consider even a knit blanket for the couch to add the perfect touch of texture.


I would say this is the season where most of the colors that make sense are warm hues, neutral colors and colors of the leaves that fall off the trees. It’s the right time to warm up our spaces and color is a fantastic way to do it! Adding in some earthy browns and beiges to our living room or dining spaces are a great touch of warmth. We want our homes to feel cozy during cooler months and a warm color can really help with that.


Finally, this is definitely the most important category. We don’t want to go out and buy all this stuff that doesn’t really make sense for the rest of the year. It’s fine to have little trinkets and touches of fall decor, such as colorful pumpkins or seasonal candles. For instance, an orange couch might not be the move. Although, it would be fun. Items such as a gold mirror will warm up the space, while being incredibly versatile enough to stay for good in the space. It’s all about what your vision is, but you’ll want to focus on the smaller items maybe for this kind of shopping!

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This vase is the newest addition to my home and I’m obsessed! I love the texture and I think it works for every season.
Wheat bundles are huge for fall. They bring some warmth to the space and add great texture to any vase.
These napkins will dress up any table! If you unfold them, they’re large enough to use as placemats.
These pumpkins are great for both indoor and outdoor use! I like to arrange them by the stairs! You can also carve them and they come in a bunch of colors and sizes.
I love adding foliage to the house. Especially on the mantle! It adds a bit of warmth and texture to the space.
I love adding baskets to the space because they bring in a fall, rustic feeling. This one is perfect for your kitchen to hold produce!
In case you haven’t heard, sherpa is in! This is a fantastic accent chair for the living room or bedroom. It’s so comfy and perfect for a quiet reading spot.
Adding candles to the space brings warmth- literally! I love a good fall scent and this jar is so cute, I’ll reuse it to hold things after the candle burns out!
I have a bowl on my table that I like to swap the contents out of each season. This pumpkin filler is perfect for autumn and will look so cute for my Thanksgiving tablescape!
These are more than just decorations. They’re actually great to have if you have little ones, to keep them away from the fireplace. I love this gold shade!
Arched decor is incredibly on trend right now. But more than that, I think it’s a design choice that is classic. If you’re looking for a great mirror, this is it!
Having a tray for the table or ottoman is a really nice touch to tie in the space and make it feel more lived-in. This one is stunning and perfect for fall, while it goes with everything!
These are way too cute! They’re such an elegant way to display things such as perfumes, candles or even little pumpkins for the fall!
I love a good lantern decoration! Outdoor and indoor options are always great, but this one is adorable. You can swap out the fillngs for seasonal options, too.

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