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The Best Easter Basket Stuffers

 The Easter Bunny will be on his way soon! Overall, Easter gifts are one of the more fun things to look forward to for the whole family! Henceforth, with Easter Sunday approaching, I’m starting to look for the perfect things to put in my kids’ Easter baskets this year. Furthermore, I quickly realized that this might be a tough holiday to shop for and I began searching for the perfect gift ideas for kids of all ages. I’ve found some fantastic items and I’ll break them down by age group, so it’s easier to read through. Here are my favorite Easter basket fillers for this holiday!

All Ages

Firstly, there is no wrong thing to get anyone, let’s start there! Price points are all over the place and there are a plethora of options these days to make the best gifts for your family Easter party. I’m a fan of creative Easter basket ideas, which I’ll get into more as we go by age! But sweet treats are always a yes from me! Specifically, Easter candy like jelly beans, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies are some popular choices that are crowd favorites. Moreover, if you’re having an Easter egg hunt, take some of the leftover plastic eggs and fill them with candy to put into their baskets to stuff them more!


Secondly, what do you get babies? I know they won’t ever remember what’s in their very first Easter basket, but you will! This is where you’ll want to skip the candy- unless you want it for yourself! And go for fun options like stuffed animals, teething toys, a cute piece of clothing such as a sweater or even a bathing suit to prepare for the summer and books are all great gift ideas! Young children can get smaller items that maybe are great for bedtime or prep for changing seasons.

Here’s a few of my favorite ideas:


Stuffed Animal

Zip Sleeper

Sensory Toys



I think toddlers are so fun to shop for! The possibilities are endless! Specifically, I love to see their little hands opening their Easter basket gifts and how happy they are. Moreover, it’s just magical like Christmas. They’re at the age where they begin to enjoy books, toys and crafts a little more so you can have fun with your shopping. For example, getting fun activities that will keep them occupied is key. Because they lost interest in things pretty quickly just because they are learning the world so the sky is the limit for them. Firstly, they want to try everything. Henceforth, washable art supplies, non-candy items like a towel from Pottery Barn Kids or a toy are always fun.

Here’s a few things I would grab if I had a toddler:

Suction Plate


Rabbit Ride

Tea Set

Golf Set


Moreover, for kids, there are also so many really fun things to put into their Easter baskets! For instance, I love things like activity books, slippers, accessories or toy cars. Once again, go for the things that will occupy their time and keep them off the screens. Furthermore, we like to prepare for summertime, so we’ll do things like bathing suits, personalized travel pouches or fun towels.

Here are a few things I think would be great:

Animal Rescue Kids T-Shirt

Jurassic Park Hatchlings




Tweens and Teens

Furthermore, my kids are officially all tweens and teens! It’s so crazy to think about but they are getting to be more difficult to shop for. For instance, they like the things they like and want to pick them out themselves so there seems to be more of a struggle to find creative things to put into the baskets that aren’t electronics or candy. I’ll always put candy in, though!

Here are a few items I’ll be putting in their baskets:

Lectrofan Bluetooth Speaker


Belt Bag

Silicone Tumbler


Aviator Nation Sweats

Kendra Scott Necklace

Lush Bath Bombs

Drunk Elephant Set

Nike High Tops


I normally get Cooper a new toy for Easter, so I found the cutest toy box for him! I’m so excited to give it to him!

P.L.A.Y. Toys

Pre-made Baskets

Finally, I understand busy schedules or feeling too stressed to put together full and creative baskets. Luckily, pre-made baskets are sold these days and let me just tell you, they make everything so much easier!

So if you would like to go this route, here are my top suggestions:

Easter Basket Option 1

Easter Basket Option 2

Easter Basket Option 3


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22 thoughts on “The Best Easter Basket Stuffers”

  1. Oh I love the tea set! Such beautiful baskets for the holidays! I feel inspired now to make my own up this year and make it as festive as possible.

  2. I usually buy pre-made Easter baskets due to lack of time. It’s much better though to personalize them with things people really like. Some great ideas here.

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