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Our Go-To Meal Kit Delivery Service

I feel like I’ve tried just about every meal kit service out there and while there are plenty of great ones, I have officially found my favorite! Healthy meals with fresh produce is essential for us. Going to the grocery store can sometimes feel like a chore when you can’t decide on a recipe to create nutritious meals. And having meal delivery kits saves us so much time because they have pre-portioned ingredients and appeal to dietary preferences. Food waste is a huge issue and having everything portioned out makes things so much easier and less wasteful. I discovered Marley Spoon & Martha Stewart and I will not go back to the others now! I’m really excited to share that I have a special link with them, where you can get up to $184 off your first four boxes! Let’s chat about this healthy meal delivery service!


Firstly, you can choose your meal plan depending on how many meals you’d like. If you have a family of 6, you can get 6 servings or if it’s just you and you want to meal prep, that also works! I think that’s a secret tip- use meal delivery kit services to meal prep for the week! They have tons of different plans to choose from and shipping is $11.99. The best part is you can pause it whenever you’d like, so if you’re going out of town or have a special occasion, you don’t have to worry about getting charged.

Dietary Restrictions

Marley Spoon can pretty much appeal to everyone because they have over 100 recipes to choose from each week! If you’re vegetarian, low carb or looking for more family friendly meals, they have that! I know it can be difficult to find a vegetarian plan that is actually healthy full of high-quality ingredients to make delicious meals. It’s way more than just salad options, there are pasta dishes, veggies and so much more making them one of the best healthy meal delivery services. You can choose your home-cooked meals based on your dietary needs and hand select from their weekly menu. So it’s all in your hands!

Meal Selection

Moreover, I know I briefly mentioned they have hundreds of meal options to choose from, but I think that’s something that makes them stand out from other services. Fresh ingredients for oven-ready meals can be hard to come by. The quality of the meats and vegetables in these boxes is unmatched! My top picks include seared steak and green beans, creamy mushroom chicken, vegetarian pad thai and the barbacoa tacos. I think something that makes this subscription service different from the rest is that they have breakfast, side dish, smoothie and dessert options. There really is something for every part of the day here. I mean, they have a cannoli cake! It’s an added bonus and they are all great meals that are easy meals to prepare.

Easy Use

Finally, a selling point for me is simplicity. I need things that are going to make my day easier, not more complicated. So the fact that this shows up on my doorstep with incredibly fresh ingredients and easy instructions is a win in my book! Each meal comes with 6 step by step simple instructions on a printed out card, so not only can you easily follow the directions. But, you can also save it and recreate it another time because it’s printed out for you. Honestly, you can create an entire recipe book to keep.

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17 thoughts on “Our Go-To Meal Kit Delivery Service”

  1. I love this post. In fact, I work for a company that does something similar. The important thing to note here is to choose small, local, family companies, with fresh, local ingredients!

  2. It sure looks like this would make meal preps a breeze. I don’t like spending much time in the kitchen but with a meal kit service like that, I can make sure I serve my family healthy meals without the fuss.

  3. I love how easy this makes meal planning & helps cut out the need of going to the store for specific ingredients.

  4. This sounds like an excellent service. I’ve seen other services but it wasn’t as fresh or offered services to those with restrictions. I can tell you are making these meals with love and care. Which I believe is also an important part of it. I love this!

  5. This sounds like an excellent service. I’ve seen others but it wasn’t as fresh or offered restrictions. I can also tell you are making these meals with love and care. Which I believe is also an important part of it. I love this!

  6. (Off-topic) You’re killing me with all of your outfits from LoveShackFancy!!! I no longer can fit into their sizes, so I’m so jealous.

    But yes, I can see why Marley Spoon is your favorite go-to meal kit delivery service. I have never heard of them, but I will check them out today. Thanks!

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