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The Best Communion Dresses This Season

Recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about where I got my girls’ communion dresses. It’s one of those things that’s really tough to shop for, and almost as much pressure as a wedding dress! Therefore, you want it to be perfect. It’s a very special day and that dress is going to be saved forever! Not to mention how many photos it will be the star of. For those of you who aren’t shopping for new first communion dresses but will actually be flower girls, these special white dresses totally work for formal wear for weddings! These are the perfect dress options for such a special occasion in a religious event.

first communion dresses


Taking Communion is a big day for the family and I want to help make that day a little easier for you, even if it’s just helping you out with dress options. Let me know which dress is your favorite!

first communion dresses


You really have two options when it comes to length. The first is to opt for the full length of the dress, which is obviously stunning. But if your daughter is on the shorter side or you might be worried about them tripping over the dress, a tea length option is the way to go. The intricate detailing at the bottom of the modest hemlines on a lot of these tiered skirts is absolutely stunning. I think having this appropriate length is an innocent style that is ideal for first communion day for any little girl. If it’s the perfect fit elsewhere but too long, you can absolutely think about getting these holy communion dresses hemmed for the full skirt to be a better length for the Catholic Church.

first communion dresses


I wouldn’t shy away from sleeveless due to modesty. Moreover, they make stunning shoulder pieces that are like a short sleeve layer to add on top if you’d like. I made sure to include plenty of options that have cap sleeves, short sleeves and 3/4 sleeve length, as well. Generally, the sleeveless dress options truly are just as beautiful. It’s all totally up to your preference! Long sleeves or sleeveless dresses with sweet cardigans both work for the big day!

The latest fashion trends lean more towards a contemporary style of sleeveless with high necklines. They make for a nice dress and absolutely double as flower girl dresses! It’s a popular choice for white communion dresses and having high-quality fabrics makes the world of a difference. These are dresses that never go out of style so you can ultimately hand them down to future generations. They are beautiful dresses that deserve to be worn more than once!

first communion dresses


Finally, a little texture never hurt anybody! Sometimes it’s fun to choose a dress with texture, it really makes it pop in the photos. For instance, texture can be anything from lace to 3D florals to beads. Otherwise, you can always opt for a solid dress, as that is quite a timeless option.

first communion dresses

Dillard’s is my go-to honestly, but there are so many places to shop. I love the prices and the quality really is there. It’s a good option for anyone looking to stick to options at affordable prices or generally seeking high-quality communion dresses this season!

*This post was originally published March 31st, 2022 and has been updated since*

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first communion dresses

I love the lace detail on this dress! It’s tea length and has a zipper closure. Additionally, the quality is amazing for the price, as well!
This dress is stunning! It’s at an affordable price point and even comes in other colors if you like it so much you want it for other occasions.
A mesh skirt is always a fun option! The floral waistband is a fun, dainty detail too. It’s a great option for younger girls!
Here is a great short-sleeve option. The lace details on the dress are to die for!
You know anything with a bow on it has our name all over it! We love this options for the detailing and think it would be so sweet for a wedding, too.
There’s a really pretty crochet detail on the sleeves that makes this dress so unique. It flows out so nicely and is really the ultimate communion dress.
This is a great long sleeve option! It reminds me of Elsa’s dress in Frozen, we think it is so stunning with the gems.
Another super cute bow dress! This one is even more darling but a bit shorter in length.
I would say this is the most ideal dress for a traditional style! It’s simply stunning while being modest.
The wire hem makes this skirt really full and pretty.
Who doesn’t love tulle?! This is more out there and trendy but it’s sure to look amazing in photos and have your little girl feeling like a princess!
Another short sleeve option that is timeless! Moreover, I can’t get over how beautiful the lace detailing is.
This is more of a vintage-look and I absolutely love that. The zipper makes it easy to put on and the tulle skirt is a work of art!
The lace up back of this dress is what dreams are made of! I love the 3D floral pieces, it really adds texture to the dress.
Finally, we have an absolutely classic option. It’s a solid dress that is super smooth and stunning. I love the beaded belt touch!

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first communion dresses
first communion dresses

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20 thoughts on “The Best Communion Dresses This Season”

  1. OH wow. I can’t think of any dress that would be more perfect for communion than these. They are so pretty and also so simple and pure.

  2. Cute dresses and accessories! It’s always important to go for the best on a big day such as First Communion. You never get a second chance to create these memories.

  3. Faith Stephenson

    Communion is a such important thing that grade school children will pass through. I am glad you shared those dresses that kids would definitely love.

  4. Nnniiiccccceeeeeee….Communion time is very sacred and important, a celebration. That speaks a lot of comfort to me. I will go with the Embroidered Lace Tea-Length Dress.

  5. Congratulations on their first communion! What an incredibly important day! All of the dresses are darling and it’s hard to choose, but I especially like 2 and 13.

  6. The smiles of these two little girls are so sweet, they are very happy and their dresses are so beautiful!!! But I prefer the dress of the sister on the left, round belt looks classic .

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