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The Best Beach Reads For Moms

There’s nothing like laying on the beach or by the pool with a great book while your kids play. I love finding a good book that I don’t want to put down. Reading can be a very personal thing and everyone has different genres they enjoy or particular authors, but one thing’s for sure- you can never judge a book by its cover.

 I’ve put together the ultimate list of summer reads for your beach day.

Happy reading!


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Before a famous family’s house goes up in flames at the end of their summer party, all family secrets will come to light. The four siblings will have a life changing night, but which secrets will be told and which will be left behind?
A novel told from a Vietnamese queer woman’s point of view in the American 1920’s, she can go to any extravagant party and buy whatever she wishes, but she can’t have the one thing she wants. Where The Great Gatsby meets magical realism, this is a must read!
When two authors reconnect at an event 15 years after they fell in love and haven’t seen each other since. They have been writing to each other secretly in their stories and now they have 7 days to relive and resolve their feelings for one another, once again. This is one of the most anticipated books of the summer!
This New York Times Bestseller is not only on Reese Witherspoon’s book club, but it is in the process of being turned into an Apple TV series! It’s about a man who disappears and leaves behind his daughter, new wife and a trail of mysteries.
Patrick loves being the gay uncle (“Guncle”) to his neice and nephew, but once tragedy strikes and becomes their primary caretaker, he must learn a whole new sense of responsibility. This book will make you laugh and cry while the characters learn about patience and love.
This Hollywood romance tale proves that faking a love story might end up being easier than actually being in love. When an A-list couple has to confront the truths in their faked relationship, will they walk away or face true love?
If you like psychological thrillers, this is the book for you! When a novelist ends up in the hospital after an accident, she receives phone calls from someone claiming to be a character from her novel. Who is the caller and why doesn’t anyone believe the call occurred?
Alex and Poppy were the best of friends who have nothing in common and live far apart, but every year they would take a week long vacation together full of laughs. After their plans were ruined two years ago, Poppy convinces Alex to resume their vacation, where they will face the truth in this hilarious book.
This trilogy is the perfect, easy beach read! We’ve all seen the movies, and while the books still have their differences, they are so simple to get into and swept up in Rachel and Nick’s relationship.
This is a book of short stories and it is perfect for those moms who don’t get enough time to read! It follows several people and gives a peek into what might be the most bizarre moments of their lives.
Liv and Elliot have a wedding planning business, but when he unexpectedly dies, he leaves half of the business to his young girlfriend, Savannah. What begins as a nightmare, turns into a modern love story.
Two parents are haunted by tragedy upon finding out their sons were involved in a murder-suicide. But when a mysterious woman who had spent the summer with the boys appears, they will get their answers, but not without further problems.
This college admissoins scandal novel is a thriller that will keep you turning the pages. These parents will go to great lengths to give their kids the world.
Two families go on a vacation together during a summer of change for the children. With secrets woven into danger, those family members who leave the island will be forever changed.

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29 thoughts on “The Best Beach Reads For Moms”

  1. Those are some pretty nice titles. While I don’t normally read while on the beach, I’d appreciate a good book at night before bed. The House on Fripp Island seems like it packs a thrilling story.

  2. Reading a book while sitting on a lawn chair is relaxing, but sometimes a little too much so- I often fall asleep! But these books sound good enough that I may not nod off, like I usually do.

  3. The kids are old enough now that I could actually read at the beach. However, they now have littles and expect me to watch them while they swim, lol. My beach reading time can only happen when I go solo.

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