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The Best Backpacks for Back to School Season

I can’t believe we are starting shopping for back to school season already! Why not begin with backpacks?! As a child, I remember always being really excited to pick out my new backpack for the school year each summer. Over the years, it seems like prices have gone up and something that’s important to me is investing in the perfect backpack. There are a lot of things that go into choosing the perfect bag- organizational pockets are important for different items, special features, such as water bottle pockets, recycled materials and of course, durability all come into play. We all know the classic brands- we love them and we trust them, but there are some newer brands out there that are also making great bags.

I’ve linked below 15 of the best backpacks this season, now let’s get into important features!


It’s not just about the trendy backpacks anymore. For example, for a lot of students, organization is key! Having those cool pockets with an organizer panel for all of your belongings like pencils, calculators, etc. It’s great for easy access and there’s enough room for everything you need. When it comes to choosing a book bag for the new school year, this is a very important feature for some. A separate compartment outside of the main pocket for the extra bits is something that makes a good backpack stand out for everyday use. This is just one thing to keep in mind when you go back to school shopping for your kids backpacks.

Special Features

Moreover, with how pricey school bags are these days, the special features really will sell the best bags. And I guarantee you, the best sellers have some great features to explore. A roomy main compartment, adjustable straps, water bottle holder, front compartment, separate laptop sleeve and enough space to fit lunch bags and small items are some features that of course, we don’t necessarily need, but they make the price worth it! It’s also really cool if the bags can double as travel backpacks. I’ve seen a few that hook onto the handle of a suitcase, so you can wheel them together, which is really convenient for young children.

Environmentally Conscious

Furthermore, this is something that is increasingly important. It’s not environmentally friendly to have a bunch of bags and keep tossing them. That’s why I recommend going for the bags that have everything you need, so your child can get years of use out of them. I found out there are actually school backpacks made out of recycled plastic bottles! Seriously, how cool and sustainable is that?! For a bag that will be getting daily use, I think that’s fantastic!


This is definitely one of the more important categories! The different colors and fun designs can come second to this. Because it’s all about how the bag holds up. You don’t want to be part of the way through the year and the bag is already falling apart. A durable backpack is key for school essentials. And books are so heavy these days, at the very least, it needs to be able to carry everything and not break apart.

Let me know which backpacks are your favorites!

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This is one of our favorite backpacks! There are so many colors and sizes to choose from, this one is on Amazon Prime, so it ships quickly!
This collab came just in time for back to school season! It sold out pretty quickly, so the preorder is back up. But trust me, it’s worth it!
Crate and Barrel has some great backpack options! Not only can you personalize this, but there are different sizes and colors to choose from and there’s an option to add on a matching water bottle and lunch box.
Stoney Clover is a favorite of ours! We love all of their bags and their backpacks are at the top of our list! There are a variety of options to choose from, as well.
This is a super trusty bag brand. With how pricey a lot of bags are, it’s a good idea to go for the one’s that are good quality so they last longer. There are a variety of different patterns and colors to choose from with this one!
This is an OG backpack brand that should always be considered! They are worth every penny and have so much storage and compartments inside. They really think of everything!
Rolling backpacks are always a fun option! And let’s be honest, books are heavy these days. How cute is this print?!
I love this brand, as well! These bags are made from recycled water bottles, which is so sustainable and cool!
For younger kids who don’t have a ton to carry this is a cute option! Also, it’s comfy and durable.
Speaking of comfortable backpacks, here’s another! There are so many colors and sizes available, as well.
We’ve got another classic and trustworthy backpack brand! I love all the extra pockets and it’s so durable.
I was recently introduced to this brand and I’m obsessed! Moreover, they come in a ton of sizes and colors, are easy to clean and you can put fun patches on them!
Particularly, Pottery Barn makes some fantastic backpacks. I love the water bottle holders on the sides and you can get this in any size or versatility you’d like, such as rolling, tote or on the back.
What’s really unique about this backpack is that you can bring it traveling and it will hook onto the suitcase handle! Furthermore, something to think about with versatility.
This bag is currently on sale, but the company has a really cool bundle deal normally going on! Finally, you can get a backpack and matching lunch box!

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23 thoughts on “The Best Backpacks for Back to School Season”

  1. We just got new backpacks yesterday for both the boys and myself. They wanted one that was a style they like (Minecraft of course) and I needed organization. I am at the school often between guest teaching and volunteering. I bought a kids backpack because the adult ones don’t have side pockets big enough for a water bottle!

  2. Kane Kids is my favorite. Hard to believe how fast summer went and that it is time for back to school things already.

    1. Bedabrata Chakraborty

      Given that kids across the world are going back to school after covid lockdowns I think your article is extremely timely. Moreover I’m so glad you speak about environmental consciousness. We just can’t take mother Nature lightly anymore. Rooting for the Pottery Barn backpack. It is happy and sophisticated at the same time.

  3. My son is only carrying Sprayground these days. He said he’d be willing to swap out for a Louis Vuitton and I told him Sprayground is FINE, lololol. Silly kid. 😉

  4. Jennifer Prince

    Ah! I’m not ready for summer to end, but alas…time to think about school. These are such cute backpack options!

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