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Thanksgiving Traditions

Super excited to be featured on Childrensalon last week. Childrensalon is an online children’s clothing shop featuring some of my favorite brands from Billie Blush to Molo to Stella McCartney kids! They asked me about our Thanksgiving traditions, how we celebrate, what we cook, the meaning of it all. Unfortunately Thanksgiving will look a lot different this year, as we are celebrating just us five. We canceled our usual tradition of going to my Moms house for a big feast like I’ve done every year since- FOREVER. In all my years, I can say I missed only one year when we decided to go skiing up in Mont Tremblant. With Covid on the rise again, we rather be safer than sorry, and need to respect the CDC’s guidelines even though its paining me to miss this special day with my Mom and siblings.

Describe in your own words Thanksgiving and what it means to you and your family.

Thanksgiving has always been a time for our family to come together over a special meal to pause and reconnect. The holiday energy is in the air, priorities are being re-examined and new memories are being made. It’s a special time to enjoy delicious food, whilst being reminded how grateful and lucky we truly are.

Tell us about some popular Thanksgiving traditions. Do your family have any of their own traditions or unique ways to celebrate?

I like the tradition of Thanksgiving to go beyond just our special family meal. I want to always remind my children the importance of giving back to our community. I want my children to know how lucky we are and how important it is to bring joy to those less fortunate. We always give back during the holidays and specifically around Thanksgiving. Whether we donate to a local shelter, participate in a food drive, or attend a fundraiser, our family knows that kindness towards others is the ultimate gift.

Another tradition we’ve had for the last six years is to attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Living in New York City my entire live, I think we only experienced this one time and I decided that I wanted my kids to always experience this magical event. Unfortunately with Covid happening this year, it will go virtual, but hoping to be back in the Grand Stands next year!


What do you do in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to prepare for the event?

To prepare for Thanksgiving I gather a meal plan. My mom usually hosts each year, so we are in charge of the sides and desserts to bring over. My kids love cooking, so I always get them involved in picking out which dishes to feature that year. I don’t personally have a sweet tooth, so I let them choose what desserts we can all bake up together.

picture of last years Thanksgiving

Do you involve your children in your preparations? Are there specific things they can help with?

Yes! My children love helping in the kitchen. I always get help from my sous chefs when it comes to preparing our meal. But I also gather their help in whatever ways we have decided to give back that year. We collect canned goods or gently used clothes to donate. My children are a bit older now and very much part of the holiday process.

What foods do you cook? Do you use traditional family recipes?

We always cook the traditional turkey and stuffing. My mom has the best recipes that I hope to pass down to my kids. I’m sure everyone loves their mom’s recipes. I think it’s because it reminds us all of our holidays growing up and the meals each have nostalgic tastes. We usually start off our Thanksgiving meal with a butternut squash soup. And the side dishes are overflowing from sweet potato pie topped with marshmallows (my children’s favourite!) to stuffed artichokes and green beans. We definitely over do it!

How do you dress for the occasion?

I love dressing up! I have a background in fashion so I don’t need an excuse to get dressed up. Thanksgiving is definitely a day that I enjoy wearing something special. I feel my most confident in a dress while my husband is more laid back. My daughters Siella & Gemma enjoy looking cohesive while not necessarily wearing the same pieces. My son Ryder is more laid back like my husband. You can usually find them both in jeans and a sweater.

Thank you Childrens Salon for this feature, and wishing you all a SAFE Thanksgiving! 

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17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. Thanksgiving is truly a special event for everyone, especially what’s happening this 2020. Even this cannot hinder us to celebrate this awesome and very meaningful day to offer thanksgiving whatever happens in our life.

  2. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here but after looking at your Thanksgiving tradition, I would love to be invited for a Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. You have a beautiful family, and very lovely that they also excited for Thanksgiving Day! You did a great job of raising them well.

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