Sweet Treats

I recently received the most adorable, sweet treat from eCreamery last week. They were custom made and personalized ice cream for the kids and myself. The kids simply flipped that they had ice cream named after them and a flavor that was their “own”. All of the flavors were super yummy.



eCreamery lets you choose from over 40 flavors and 30 mix-ins for a  custom-made, personalized ice cream, gelato or fat free sorbet. Even personalize your title and packaging! I completely flipped and think this is the ultimate gift for anyone from birthdays, holidays, new baby, and even a thank you! I’ve been thinking about a “Thank You” gift to give to my friends parents for always watching our pups, and this was absolutely perfect!

new mom ice cream


halloween flavors


 For more info visit www.ecreamery.com


SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive a sample. 


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