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Sweet Treats This Holiday Season

This blog post is sponsored by Breyers®.

Sweet treats have always been a big part of our holiday season celebrations. When family and friends come over to share the joy of the holidays, we’ve always made sure that it’s even more special with delicious food and tasty desserts. Food brings people together, after all, so the tastier, the better. This year, we’re having Christmas at home. No visitors. No friends. No family. It’s a bummer, but it’s the best way to ensure we’re all safe during this time. But just because we’re not having a big get-together doesn’t mean we’re not going to be celebrating.

Since we will be flying solo this holiday season, Jason and I have decided to do up the holiday season big time. In fact, we’re putting more of an emphasis on it to make it special for the kiddies in other ways since we can’t do what we normally do. I already have plans for an extra decked out home, and we’re going to have a big Christmas feast just like we always do. I’m also going to be sure to play lots and lots of Christmas music, movies, and specials that we can enjoy together as a family, as well.

These are little things we can do to make the holiday season feel like the holidays, even in the absence of friends and family. Since sweet treats have always been such a huge part of our celebration, I’m making sure that we have those on hand, too. This year, I decided to make our main dessert an ice cream-based one. That way, any leftovers can be stored away, and we can enjoy them for the next day or two.

The star of the show will be Brownie Sundaes made with Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream. I’ve been buying Breyers® for my family for years, in fact its what I grew up having too. It’s so good, and it’s all-natural. You really can’t beat that combination. I’ll be using their Natural Vanilla Ice Cream as the base for my brownie sundae because we love that classic vanilla flavor and it’s made with fresh cream, sugar, and milk. I also love that they get their vanilla beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified sources, as well, and that their Natural Vanilla ice cream uses non-GMO ingredients.

All those little black specks in their Natural Vanilla ice cream are vanilla beans from Madagascar, the land of great vanilla. It’s a great flavor, and it pairs perfectly with any other flavor, making it a great base for sweet treats you can keep in the freezer. It’s made even better knowing that all the ingredients are simple, all-natural, and ethical. Ethical companies are very important to me. It also feels good to know that Breyer’s partners with American farmers to get their fresh milk and cream.

Recipe for Brownie Breyers® Sundaes:

Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream


Holiday Sprinkles


Once brownies are cooled. Scoop Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream on top and sprinkle with your favorite toppings. My kids love going crazy with this, so have fun with it. From sprinkles to walnuts, and sometimes whipped cream and syrup! Breyers® Natural Vanilla really ties it all in together!

Breyers® makes absolutely delicious ice cream and frozen dairy desserts, and they make it using only all-natural ingredients. That’s important to me because I only want the best for my family. If you’re making sweet treats part of your holiday celebrations, consider making Breyers® a part of that. Their products are so delicious and pure, and they make an excellent base for all kinds of frozen sweet treats. Happy Holidays!

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