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Supper From The Farm

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I love, love, love to cook for my family. Involving Ryder, Siella, and Gemma in the process makes it even better, but finding fast and easy meals that are nutritious, healthy and organic is the biggest challenge.
Your Children Will Love Hip Chick Farms

Flashbacks of the frozen dinners from my childhood always made me cringe at the ideas of pre-made food option for the kids. I questioned the quality of the meats, and the taste. In my hunt for suitable options when I cannot cook, I recently discovered Hip Chick Farms, which offers a great assortment of chicken fingers, meatballs and turkey burgers as well as gluten free options too. After taste testing on myself, I really can’t say enough good things about their line. Taste and flavor are typically sacrificed with frozen meals, but Hip Chick Farms manages to create savory frozen food options, which my kids, actually all of us, really enjoyed.

Your Children Will Love Hip Chick FarmsYour Children Will Love Hip Chick Farms

The time saving factor is a huge but with Hip Chick Farms, their line shares in certain values that makes them stand out. With transparency, you know where they get their meat. With compassion, they are humane certified by the Global Animal Partnership. And with trust, they make clean and sustainable products.

Your Children Will Love Hip Chick FarmsYour Children Will Love Hip Chick Farms

The kids love the chicken nuggets, chicken meatballs, and my favorite their turkey burgers and grilled chicken strips. And of course the gluten-free options are perfect for Ryder!

Your Children Will Love Hip Chick Farms

Sure, we all want to feel like the perfect mom and make a home cooked meal from scratch for our families, but the reality is that’s not always in the cards. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and keep some of these on hand for those occasions. Hip Chick Farms is sold in specialty health food markets, as well as national retailers like Whole Foods, so you should have no trouble finding them and their super cute packaging.

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11 thoughts on “Supper From The Farm”

  1. This is definitely something I wouldn’t mind feeding my family. I am all about getting in a homecooked meal as often as possible but sometimes, my schedule just doesn’t allow for it!

  2. Hip Chick Farms sounds like they produce high quality and delicious meals. That’s lovely that they cater to food sensitivities and offer gluten-free options too!

  3. We have a couple of outlets that sells Hip Chick Farm products. Your post reminded me to use the best quality and I think I’ve found one for this weekend’s dinner meals!

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