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Summer Fridays

My typical Friday consists of me scurrying around to tie up loose ends and obligations for work, so the weekends can be left for family time. Last Friday was one of those long days, and I sat there frustrated, remembering in my early stages as a showroom owner, when I implemented “Summer Fridays.” From Memorial Day through Labor Day, I offered my staff to take half day Fridays, or every other Friday as a full day off. My favorite was the every other Friday off, as it gave me the opportunity to I escape the city, as early as Thursday evening. On those weekends, I was often required to work remotely, but it was still a nice break from the weekly norm. Last Friday, while running around like a crazy person, juggling meetings, conference calls, a class trip, I wondered why can’t I take the same breaks as my former self.

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While the kids are out of school for summer, it is my intention to spend as much time together as possible. In only two days since they are home, balancing work and family time has been a challenge, even overwhelming.
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To celebrate the 4th, we are headed out to beach tomorrow, for one week, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this trip. While tending to some work during the week will be inevitable, I plan on unplugging for a few days. I’m seriously talking no cell phones, no computer, nothing that involves wifi. I will however still want to document the trip, so the only device I will use is my camera. This will be a first, and will probably prove to be tough at times, but I have to give it a shot. In fact, some of my willingness to disconnect comes as the result of the recent Intel Security study. I was blown away by some of the statistics of a recent global study they conducted to understand consumer behavior when traveling, to help educate them on potential security risks. 55% of the participants who intended to unplug their digital devices on vacation were actually unable to do so. If these travelers had stuck it out and unplugged, their vacation could have actually been more relaxing, so I am hoping that this will work for me too. You can read more about this interesting study in Intel Security press release found here.


I’ll keep you posted on how Stroller in the City Unplugged goes next week. In the meantime, I am 100% going to start Summer Fridays, in some capacity around here. Wishing you all a Happy 4th, and a safe weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Fridays”

  1. Love this idea! It is so hard to work from home during the summer when the kiddos want to hit the pool and various other places but I love the idea of taking one whole day off or very mostly off during the week as well.

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